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LOST 6.8 : Recon

On the island

This episode starts out on the beach where Jin tells Sawyer they gotta go before Evil-Locke (whom I’m now going to refer to as Fake Locke, because I am still wondering if the writers are going to throw in a twist, and Jacob is really going to end up being the bad guy) gets back, but Jin can’t believe Sawyer is “with” Locke. (Sawyer later tells Kate he’s not “with” anyone.) Too late. Locke, Claire, Sayid, Kate, and the Others who chose to go with Locke, and avoided being murdered by the smoke monster, arrive back at the beach.

Kate follows Claire into her tent and sees the coolest inanimate prop since Wilson in Castaway. Squirrel Baby! Claire’s replacement for Aaron. I wonder if we’ll ever see how exactly Claire left the camp that night she went missing. Was Christian Shephard the form taken by the black smoke; and did he take his daughter to the dark side? If so, how did he leave Jacob’s cabin since it was encircled by the ash?

Fake Locke tells the Others who followed him that those who stayed behind at the temple were killed by the Black Smoke. This seems to really upset the children, but didn’t faze Sayid at all. Sayid just kind of looks stoned all the time. While Fake Locke is speaking to everyone, Claire cozies up to Kate and takes her by the hand, like a little girl would do to her mom. Kate is apparently wondering what the heck is going on with her. Kate also senses something very wrong with Sayid and he tells her that he’s not alright. While Kate are Sayid and sitting and talking, all of a sudden crazy Claire comes leaping out of the jungle, tackling Kate and sticking a knife to her throat. Kate cries out for Sayid to help but he just stares at her with that sad look on his face he’s had since he came back to life in the temple. Fake Locke picks Claire up and throws her to the side then slaps her across the face as he tells her that her behavior is very inappropriate.

Kate is sitting against a tree where she is approached by Locke. Locke confesses that he told Claire that the Others had Aaron so she could direct her hate toward someone. OK, Smoke/Locke is probably the bad guy. Locke continues to tell Kate that when she told Claire the truth about Aaron, all the built up anger just came out. Kate told Locke that was very insightful coming from a dead man. Locke answers, “Well nobody’s perfect.” That cracked me up. He promised to protect Kate along with everyone else.

Fake Locke pulls Sawyer aside and admits that he is the Smoke Thing and he sends James on a recon mission to Hydra Island. Locke wants to find out what’s going on with the survivors on the other island because that airplane is how Fake Locke plans to get everyone off the island. Sawyer boards a canoe and rows over to the smaller island. The first place he visits is the cage where he and Kate did more than eat fish biscuits. Kate’s dress was still in the cage. I have to go back and watch that episode. Did Kate leave the cage wearing anything? A blanket maybe?

At the site of the plane crash there are body-drag marks in the sand that lead to a pile of fly-covered bodies. First of all, the plane was in a lot better shape than I thought it would be; wings were intact and everything. Sawyer meets, well, catches up to and points a gun at, a woman we haven’t seen before. She tells Sawyer that she and the other survivors were just waiting around for rescue. Someone came and killed all the other passengers and she was the only one left. By this time an observant person, or a previous conman, would have figured out that she was from Widmore’s sub. But I forgot about last episode’s closing scene. Sawyer figures it out as they are walking to the canoe and she asks if there are other people with Sawyer and if they have any guns, for protection from whoever killed the other passengers. With the sound of a whistle, Zoe’s armed companions come out from hiding and take Sawyer to the submarine to visit Widmore. They make a deal that when Sawyer returns to the main island he will tell Fake Locke that the coast is clear and they can go on over to the other island; then Widmore can kill Fake Locke. And Widmore will give Sawyer and his pals safe passage off the island. When Sawyer returns to the main island he tells Fake Locke that Widmore is over on the Hydra Island and they killed all the passengers and are setting up a sonar fence for protection from Smokey. He tells Locke what he told Widmore, about giving Smokey up, and they’ll be caught off guard when they change their plan of attack. Locke expresses his appreciation for Sawyers’ loyalty. We’ll probably soon be finding out the relationship between Smoke Monster and Charles Widmore.

While Sawyer was gone, Fake Locke takes Kate to the beach where he explains about Sawyer’s mission to the other island. Locke really wants to explain something more personal to her. He tells Kate that he is not a dead man and that he knows what Kate is going through, because his mother was crazy. She was a very disturbed woman and because of that he had some “growing pains”. He’s had to deal with problems that he is still trying to work though, problems that could have been avoided if things had been different. Now, Locke says, Aaron has a crazy mother too. Speculation around the internet is that Smokey/Man in Black is actually Aaron. I don’t have an explanation for how or why that would be, but anything is possible on this island. Another theory is that the crazy mama is Eloise Hawking. That would probably mean that Daniel is Smokey/Man in Black. OK this is getting weird.

Sawyer tells Kate his plan about letting Widmore and Fake Locke fighting it out while he and Kate get off the island. Kate wonders who is going to fly the plane and Sawyer tells her they aren’t taking the plane, they’re taking the sub. I was left wondering who is going to pilot the sub.

Off the island

Sawyer is up to his open-briefcase-of-money-con-man-scam with the woman in his bed (who is played by Jodi Lynne O’Keefe – she played a great villain in TV’s Prison Break if you haven’t seen that yet and want to get hooked on another show). I loved that she called Sawyer “Dimples”. Well, she pulls out a gun and aims it at Sawyer and she tells him she knows a conman when she sees one. Sawyer tells her that he’s a cop and they are only after her conman husband; all he has to do is say the magic word and she’s caught. She doesn’t believe him. And neither did I. Remember he was on the plane across from Hurley when Arzt was going on about Hurley’s lottery win. I thought for sure Sawyer was still a conman. Sawyer (whom I shall now call James, because we need to differentiate him from the real Sawyer) says the code word “LeFleur” and in barges Miles, James’ partner. Yipee!!!! He’s really a cop. And he’s still looking for Sawyer; the real Sawyer who conned his parents before their subsequent murder/suicide, who is currently going by the name of Anthony Cooper. OK. A few episodes ago John Locke and Helen were making wedding arrangements and Locke’s dad was included in those plans. On the island, we found out that Locke’s dad was also the above mentioned Sawyer. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

Miles sets James up on a blind date with Charlotte, who looks a lot sexier with makeup and a sparkly dress than she ever did on the island. He told James that she worked at a museum so I didn’t expect it to be Juliet, but I certainly wasn’t expecting to see him hook up with Charlotte either. He gets around, doesn’t he? They end up back at his apartment and while looking in his drawer for a post-whoopee t-shirt to wear, Charlotte discovers the folder of his parents’ murder file. James freaks out and yells at her to get out of his house. He tries to make up the next day after watching a thought-provoking episode of Little House by bringing her a flower and a six-pack of beer. Charlotte was not in a forgiving mood and basically told him to get lost. (ha)

At the LAPD, Liam arrives to pick up Charlie after he was arrested on the flight from Australia. That episode seems like so long ago. Miles demands to know what Sawyer was doing in Sydney; Sawyer had told him he was going to Palm Springs. Sawyer tells him it’s none of his business. No trust = no partnership. Punch the mirror, James! That will help. Later James explains to Miles the real reason he was in Sydney looking for Anthony Cooper. They’re sitting in James’ car which is crashed into by a speeding fugitive. And James meets Kate in the alternate time line.

The big question of this episode is “Who is the original smoke monster/Man in Black, how did he become the smoke monster and who is his mother?

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