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LOST 6.7 : Dr. Linus

Another great episode!

Off island revelations:

  1. Ben is teaching his European History class about Napoleon’s exile to the island Elba. Napoleon’s biggest trial wasn’t being banished but losing his power. Sounds like Ben’s island experience.
  2. Ben still seeks power – He planned to take over as Principal of the school where he teaches European History. Locke, the substitute teacher, encourages him to make a change in administration.
  3. Ben’s dad is an old man under the care of Ben. They had still gone to the island with the Dharma Initiative but left at some point to live off island. Dad Linus wonders what would have happened if they had stayed; perhaps things would have been better for Ben.
  4. Alex Rousseau is one of Dr. Linus’ history students.  Ben is tutoring her and they are discussing the East India Trading Company.
  5. Alex is planning to go to Yale but is concerned about getting in and paying for college. Her mom, Danielle, is working two jobs just to pay the rent. I wonder what Danielle is up to, where she’s working, and if it’s relevant. I got the impression that Alex’s father isn’t around.
  6. Ben still lies. He told Alex that he would keep the secret about the Principal and School Nurse getting it on in the sick room. He asks Arzt to help him hack into the nurse’s email so he can blackmail the Principal into resigning. Arzt agrees so he can get a good parking space and new lab equipment. Arzt is amused by Ben’s diabolical plan and tells Ben he’s a real killer.
  7. The Principal turns the table on Ben and threatens to ruin Alex’s school career if he takes over his job. Ben chooses the right thing for Alex rather than the power he would have at the school as Principal. I was relieved that Ben didn’t jeopardize Alex’s future. Based on what we know of Ben, I didn’t think he had it in him.



On island :

  1. Miles listens to Jacob’s ashes and tells Ilana that it was actually Ben who murdered Jacob.
  2. Jacob is the closest thing Ilana ever had to a father so she is PO’d. I wish we had learned more about Ilana. Jacob being like a father to her leads me to believe that she was on the island before; but we’re not really sure if she’s immortal or why she was in the Russian hospital last season.
  3. Sun, Lapidus, Miles, Ilana and Ben return to the beach.
  4. Ilana tells Sun that the Kwons are candidates but she doesn’t know if it’s Jin or Sun she’s supposed to be protecting. Ilana tells Sun she wants to find Jin as much as Sun does.
  5. Ilana reveals that there are only 6 candidates left – candidates to take over for Jacob.
  6. Richard leads Hurley and Jack away from the temple and toward the Black Rock instead. Richard tells them that he lied about directing them to the temple because everyone there was dead. Kate, Sayid, and Claire, however, were gone.
  7. Lapidus tells Ben that he missed piloting Oceanic 815 because his alarm didn’t go off that morning. Lapidus wonders aloud how different his life would have been had he flown the fateful flight. Ben tells him that the island got him after all; would it have been so different?
  8. Ben is digging his own grave for when Ilana gets her revenge for killing Jacob. Ilana shackled Ben’s leg to keep him from running away. Actually Ben has been digging his own grave for many years.
  9. Ben tries to blackmail Miles. If Miles sets him free, Ben’s network of contacts off the island can reward Miles with lots of money once they leave.
  10. Miles refuses Ben’s offer. He knows that Nikki and Paulo are buried with a bunch of diamonds worth over 8 million dollars.
  11. Ben believes that Jacob didn’t care about being killed, but Miles reveals to him that Jacob did care about it. Right up to the last second before Ben stabbed him in the heart Jacob thought he was wrong about Ben. Nope, Ben is so predictable.
  12. Richard examines the shackles in the Black Rock implying that he was either a slave or a crew member. I’m still thinking he was a slave.
  13. Richard tells Jack that when Jacob touched him it was considered a gift. He prepares some dynamite to kill himself (with Jack’s help). Richard is very distraught that Jacob told him he would reveal his purpose to Richard but now that Jacob is dead his immortal life seems to be just a waste. It’s still so weird to see Richard confused and unsure about his role on the island. He was always such a man of confidence.
  14. Hurley freaks out about the dynamite. Last time they held it Arzt blew up.
  15. Jack agrees to help Richard. He lights the dynamite and stays with Richard. Jack doesn’t believe they will die because Jacob has been watching him since Jack was a kid. Jack believes Jacob brought him to the island for a reason and it wasn’t to just be blown up. The dynamite fuse fizzles out.
  16. Ben continues to dig his grave and he hears Smokey coming. Evil-Locke appears and tells Ben that he doesn’t want Ben to die, but that he is gathering a group at the Hydra Station to leave the island and he wants Ben to be the new leader of the island. Locke does a Jedi trick and once Ben is free from his leg shackle he runs into the jungle and finds the rifle that Locke left for him. Evil-Locke is all about giving people choices. That’s great except I don’t believe he is entirely truthful in explaining what’s going on. Jacob is also allowing choices as well but he doesn’t seem to explain anything and is requiring his followers to rely on faith in things unseen.
  17. Ilana chases after him but Ben reaches the gun and turns the tables on Ilana. Ben tells Ilana that he killed Jacob because he was angry that Jacob didn’t care about him even after he sacrificed his own daughter. He told Ilana he just wanted to be allowed to leave. He was going to join Locke because he was the only one who would have him. Ilana tells Ben she’ll have him and he follows her back to the beach.
  18. The closing scene on the beach shows Ilana looking very sad, Miles examining a diamond, Lapidus stoking the fire, Ben helping Sun make a shelter, and Jack and Hurley returning to the beach. Sun hasn’t seen them since they were on the airplane and separated into two different decades.
  19. Finally, a submarine appears off the shore. When the navigator sees the people on the beach Widmore tells him not to stop but to proceed as planned.

I knew Widmore would have to show up sooner or later. I wonder if he brought Desmond with him?

This was probably the best episode so far this season.

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