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LOST 6.6  Sundown recap by Evie

This episode focuses on Sayid.

Off the island, Sayid’s brother borrowed money from someone to open a new store and he wants Sayid to bring out his torturing equipment to stop the man from collecting on the loan. Apparently he’s making the brother pay interest for as long as he owns the business. Sayid says “No Way!” The brother is attacked by the debtor and Sayid thinks about going after them but Nadia, who is married to Sayid’s brother, talks him out of it. At the hospital Dr. Jack passes Sayid in the hall. Sayid tells Nadia that he pushed her toward marrying his brother because he doesn’t deserve her after all the horrible things he’s done. I was very surprised that Sayid did not end up marrying Nadia. Awwww! I was so hoping that Sayid would have a happily-ever-after post-island life or flash sideways life. It seems like he sort of redeemed himself for many things and I’ve been rooting for him for a long time.

Some bad guys come to pick up Sayid and take him to a restaurant kitchen. It’s so funny that mobsters always seem to do their dirty work in a kitchen or back of a restaurant. The main bad guy turns out to be Keamey. To me, Keamey looks a lot better with his marine buzz haircut and camouflage than his purple shirt and blazer. But no matter how he’s dressed he’s still a bad dude. Sayid takes out Keany’s two sidekicks and Keamy decides to forgive the debt to save his own life, but Sayid says “No Way!” and shoots him. Sayid hears some banging in the walk-in refrigerator and opens the door to find non-English speaking Jin tied up. Wow! That was a crazy connection.

Sayid tells Dogen that he doesn’t understand why they want him dead. Sayid believes himself to be a good man and he better not dare try to kill him, but Dogen goes all martial artist on him. A huge manly fight breaks out and just when Dogen tries to stab Sayid in the throat, his baseball falls off the desk and lands on the floor. If you just said, “What?”, that’s exactly what I said. Dogen tells Sayid to leave the temple and never come back. Sayid speaks with Miles on his way out and tells him that the Others told him he is better off dead because they think he’s evil. Miles explains that when Sayid was dead, he was dead, and that the Others did not bring him back to life. In fact, they were just as surprised that he sat up alive and well. I sure was hoping that Miles was going to enlighten us to something he sensed from Sayid’s dead body.

Surrounding the temple is a ring of ash. Claire and Locke are outside the temple and Claire agrees to go into the temple if Locke will give her her son back. Locke can’t go in himself of course because the ash keeps him at bay for some reason. She asks why he doesn’t get Sawyer or Jin to do it? Hmmm…are Jin and Sawyer now on Evil-Locke’s side?

Locke tells Claire that he’s only going to hurt the people who won’t listen to him. Claire walks in to the courtyard of the temple and tells Dogen that “He” wants to see him. Dogan tells Claire if Evil-Locke wants to talk to him then he should come inside. No, he needs to go out to meet him. Dogen is too smart for that. Dogen has Claire put down into a pit inside the temple because she is confused and under the influence of an angry man. Dogen approaches Sayid and tells him that he can’t leave the temple now because Locke showed up things have changed. Dogen arms Sayid with a knife and tells Sayid he needs to go out and kill a man whom he will recognize; someone who has died.

He explains to Sayid that the man waiting outside has been trapped on the island but now that Jacob is gone this man is now free and will kill everyone on the island. He is evil incarnate. Sayid’s instructions are to stab Locke before Locke has time to say anything. I thought Locke would be waiting right outside the gate but he wasn’t. On his way out, Sayid passes Kate. Luckily for Kate, Sayid didn’t mistake her as the one he would recognize and was supposed to kill.

Further out in the jungle, Smokey shows up and transforms into Locke who says, “Hello, Sayid” before he can stab him. Oops! He didn’t get to him before he spoke. The knife did no damage except put a hole in his t-shirt. Locke now tries to recruit Sayid. He tells Sayid to deliver a message. Locke didn’t have Claire do it because the message would mean a lot more coming from Sayid. Locke tells him that he could have anything he wants if he does this favor for him. Locke is very persuasive and we all know how much Sayid wants Nadia, who died in his arms after she was hit by the car.

Sayid goes into the temple and tells the Others that the man out in the jungle wants them to know that Jacob is dead and because of that they are all free. Locke is leaving the island forever and he wants them to join him by sundown or die. Most of the Others decide to leave the temple even though the hippie tries to tell them that Locke is bluffing.

Kate goes to Claire in the pit as soon as she finds out from Miles where she is. Claire is singing the lullaby and becomes furious when Kate tells her that she took Aaron off the island and raised him. Even when Kate tells her that she came back to rescue her, she gives Kate a warning that “he’s” coming and no one can stop him.

Dogen tells Sayid part of his back story. He was a business man in Okinowa (in other words, he had a life before the island) and he got drunk one night. He picked his 12 year old son up from baseball and caused a car accident that killed his son. While at the hospital, Jacob went to Dogen and told him that he could save his son’s life if he followed Jacob to the island. He could have a new job on the island but would never be able to see his son again. Dogen asked Sayid if Locke offered him a similar bargain. Yes, Sayid says, right before he kills Dogen in the pool. When Hippie comes in and finds Dogen floating in the pool, he tells Sayid that Dogen was the only thing keeping “him” out. Sayid says that he knows that and then he kills the hippie. Holy crap! Sayid may have just completed his turning evil cycle. Dogen’s new job must have been to protect the temple. Without Dogen the ash doesn’t work?

Smokey makes his screaming and clicking appearance and starts grabbing and slamming the scattering people into the columns and walls of the temple. Love it!!!! Miles and Kate get separated when Kate returns to the pit to rescue Claire. Miles hides in a room of the temple and holds the door shut but Ilana breaks it down, armed with her rifle and asks where the other Losties are. Miles, who has never met Ilana before, tells her that it’s only him and Kate still there.

Miles asks Sun where her husband is; he took off yesterday and didn’t return. Sun realizes she’s getting closer to finding Jin. Now that the two groups (or what’s left of them) have rejoined in the right decade and year together they team up and Ilana guides them through the secret passageway that Jacob directed Hurley to in the last episode. I am soooo glad Ilana seems to know what’s going on. They get through the wall and close the entrance just before Smokey comes rushing past.

Kate tries to get Claire to come out of the pit but Claire tells her that she’s safer down there. Smokey comes furiously racing around the corner and Kate jumps onto the ladder in the pit just in time to see Smokey flying over her head. After things have calmed down a bit, Kate follows Claire and Sayid out of the temple, but not before picking up a rifle belonging to one of the dead Others. That’s what I love about Kate; she always remembers to pick up a weapon. Locke is waiting outside and gives Sayid and Claire a “good job” look. He’s looks curiously at Kate, but says nothing and turns around into the jungle as the Others follow their new leader.

This week’s episode should be good as it focuses on Ben.

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