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free online virtual sim dating games, fans. Finals week put me behind on my recaps. But it’s OK because the episodes go in completely different directions. I’ll quickly give you some mini-caps at what happened on both The Candidate and Across the Sea.

LOST 6:14 the Candidate

Locke in LA: Jack just finished surgery after the car “accident” with Desmond. Jack wants to know how it happened. Jack wants to try out a new procedure that could repair his previous injury which we find out was caused by a small plane crash. Locke had just gotten his pilot license and he was taking his dad for a ride.  Claire finds Jack at the hospital and shows him a box that their father left for her. Neither of them have any idea why. It’s a music box that plays the lullaby that we’ve heard several times throughout the show. Jack tells Claire that Christian’s body was found in an alley outside a bar; he drank himself to death. They both freak out that they were on the same flight from Sydney.

Sun, Jin, James, Hurley, Kate on Island: are forced back into the polar bear cages “for their own good” because “he’s coming”. Widmore doesn’t care if Kate lives or dies because her name is not on “the list”. Sun and Jin share some quite time in the cage talking about their daughter and Sun gives Jin his ring.

Jack on the Island: wakes up on Hydra Island in the canoe with Sayid near him on the beach. Sayid tells Jack that Locke saved him but the other members of their group were killed or scattered into the jungle. Locke arrives to tell them they have to rescue the others from the cages. The power goes out on the sonar fence and Smokey arrives to kick some Widmore guys’ butt. Jack shows up to open the cage and when Kate asks what he’s doing there, he tells her he is “with” the smoke monster. That was awesome! Jacks tells Kate that he’s going to help them get to the plane but he’s still not leaving the island.

Jack in LA: Finds Bernard Nadler to determine what happened to Locke; Locke had had oral surgery after his accident. They freak out when they discover they were on the same Oceanic flight. Dr. Nadler gives Jack the name of Anthony Cooper as the person who was in the accident that first paralyzed Locke. Jack goes to the assisted living hospital where Anthony, John’s father, is a patient. He will never be able to walk or talk again.

Locke on the Island: He’s quite the bad ass now. He approaches the plane and sees that it was rigged with an explosive. The rest of the group meets him and Locke tells them that Widmore wants to get them all in the same confined space so he can kill them. Locke disarmed the C4 and placed it into a backpack. He told them that they are going to have to take the submarine. Sawyer feigns loyalty to Locke but tells Jack that he doesn’t trust him at all and asks him to keep Locke from getting on the sub once the rest of them get ready to take off. Sawyer leads the group with guns ready toward the sub. They make the pilot fire up the engines, Locke gives Jack the backpack with the C4 (but Jack doesn’t know that) and Jack pushes Locke into the bay. A gun battle breaks out between the Lostees and Widmore’s people. Kate got shot. Claire remains on deck to fend off the bad guys. Jack, who doesn’t want to leave on the sub, takes Kate below for first aid. Sawyer tries to get Claire to run to the sub but when he realizes that Locke is too close he demands that the sub dive and he locks the hatch. Claire is mad that they are leaving her behind but Locke holds her and says, “Trust me; you don’t want to be on that sub.”

Kate on the Sub: wants to go back and get Claire. Jack looks in the backpack for some first aid supplies and discovers the bomb. Jin tells the pilot to resurface. Sayid examines the bomb and says the wires need to be pulled out simultaneously. Jack says that Locke can’t leave the island unless they are all dead; and he wants them to kill each other because he can’t kill them. Jack tells James to trust him and leave the bomb alone. But James pulls the wires out. The clock stops; then starts speeds up its countdown. Sayid must have come out of his trance because he tells Jack that Desmond is on the island and that Locke wants him dead. If that’s the case then they need to make sure he stays alive. Sayid tells Jack that he’s the one who is going to have to save Desmond; Sayid grabs the bomb and runs down the passageway, exploding with it as it detonates. Water rushes in, Sun gets trapped, Jin and James try to free her, Hurley takes Kate to the surface, Lapidas falls when the water rushes in and is presumably killed, Sawyer gets knocked unconscious, Sun begs Jin to leave her as the water is rising, Jack takes Sawyer to the surface, Jin continues to try to free Sun. Jin says he will never leave her again and they kiss, hold each other and say their “I Love Yous” as the water closes in around them and they’re both gone.

I don’t think anyone’s getting out alive.

Jin in LA: passes Locke in the hallway of the hospital. He’s carrying flowers for Sun who is recovering from her gunshot wound. Locke explains to Jack from his wheelchair that it’s his fault that his father can never walk or talk again. Jack tells him that he can keep punishing himself but his father is gone and nothing he does is going to bring him back. Jack tells Locke he thinks he can fix him and he wishes he believed him. Locke considers this then leaves.

On the beach, James stirs but is still unconscious, Kate and Hurley break down into tears when Jack tells them Jin and Sun are gone.

Locke tells Claire that the submarine sank. Claire is upset that they were all on the sub and now they’re all dead. Locke grabs his gun and tells Claire that they weren’t all on the sub; he’s going to go finish what he started.

LOST 6:15 Across the Sea

A woman is floating in the ocean on some wreckage. A pregnant woman. She is injured but makes her way to a stream and fresh water. She is met by another woman who helps her. The first woman is Claudia.

The second woman arrived at the island by accident and she tells Claudia that she is the only one on the island. Claudia wants to find the others from her ship but her labor pains start. She screams bloody murder as the woman helps her deliver.

I had epidurals with both of my babies. Is that really how much women scream during child birth?

The fair-skinned light-haired baby boy is born and Claudia names him Jacob. Her stomach doesn’t go down at all so it’s obvious the “baby in black” is coming out next. We still don’t find out his name. Claudia only chose one baby name. The other woman gruesomely bashes Claudia on the head and kills her. Now she’s the mom.

13-year-old “teenager in black” finds a box on the beach that is a game and uses black and white stones. He tells Jacob that he’ll show him how to play as long as Jacob doesn’t tell their mother. When Jacob questions his brother about how to play the teenager in black tells him that he just knows. In a cave where they live, OK it’s THE cave where the man in black lead Jack to find the water just after the plane crash, Mom is weaving on a loom and Jacob enters but doesn’t tell her where his brother is, except that he’s at the beach looking out into the ocean. Mom asks Jacob if he loves her and he replies yes but Mom knows that there is more to the story. Jacob tells her about the game. Mom goes out to join teenager in black at the beach and he knows that Jacob told her what he found. Mom says that Jacob can’t lie “he’s not like you.” Teenager in black seems bothered by this. I would be too. He asks, “Why, What am I like?” Mom tells him he’s special. Mom reveals that game didn’t wash up from the ocean; she left it for him. She tells him that there is nowhere else across the sea. There is only the island. She continues to explain that the twins came from her and she came from her mother. Teenager in black asks where Grandma is and Mom tells him that she’s dead. He doesn’t know what dead is and mom tells him that it’s something he will never have to worry about.

The boys are chasing a boar through the jungle with spears but up ahead they hear the boar get killed by some strangers. They watch them from behind some tall grass then run back to their mother to tell her. She says they have to stay away from them because the other people are not like them and they are dangerous and even though the others look like them they are not like them and they don’t belong on the island. When she says that she and her boys were on the island for a reason, teenager in black demands to know what that reason is. She expresses her fear that it is not time to let them in on this secret. She tells the boys that the men come from another part of the island. They come, fight, destroy, corrupt it always ends the same. This is what the man in black told Jacob right before he told him that he wanted to kill him. She tells them that people are bad and if the boys ever go looking for them the people will hurt them. Jacob reminds her that they are people; so doesn’t that mean they can hurt each other. Mom says that she made it so they can never hurt each other. She takes them blindfolded to a creek that leads into a small tunnel with a very bright, warm light. She tells them not to go into the tunnel or something worse than death will happen to them. She says that if the light goes out there, then it goes out everywhere. She says that a little bit of this light is in everyone, but men always want more. She says that their purpose is to protect the light. They must make sure no one ever finds it. She has the job now but she can’t protect forever. One of them will have to take her place.

Back at home the boys are playing their game. Teenager in black scolds Jacob for a move he made; he can’t do that because it’s against the rules. Jacob complains, “But you made the rules”. Teenager in black tells Jacob that one day he’ll have his own game then he can make the rules.

A woman appears behind Jacob but only teenager in black can see her. It’s Claudia. Jacob can’t see her though because she’s dead. That’s weird.

Teenager in black (I really wish we knew his name. (Maybe I could call him the brother of Jacob) follows her and she leads him to where he came from. A place he’s never seen that’s across the island. It’s a camp with grass huts. The people who arrived on the shipwreck from across the sea. She tells him that they came from across the sea and that there are many things across the sea. That is where he comes from. He says that there is nothing across the sea because that’s what his mother told her. She tells him that she is his real mother. He returns to the cave and it’s now the middle of the night. He creeps in and wakes Jacob. He has packed his things and tells Jacob that they are leaving to go live with the other people. He tells Jacob that their mother lied to them about everything and that she’s not even their mother. Jacob is furious and beats the crap out of him. Mom pulls Jacob off of him and the brother of Jacob tells her all that he’s learned. Jacob refuses to go with him. Mom says that despite what he’s been told he will never be able to leave the island. He tells her that he’s going to prove her wrong.

The brother of Jacob leaves and Jacob and Mom are sitting on the beach. She admits to killing their mother and explains that she had to do it so he would always be good. If he went with the people he would turn bad. Jacob, knowing that he’s never been the favored son asks her if he’s good and she tells him of course he is. She tells Jacob that she loves him in different ways and she kindly asks him to stay with her. He agrees.

Jacob is now a man. Mom tells him that she is tired. Jacob visits the others’ camp so he can see his brother. They play the game. Jacob occasionally watches the camp to see if their mother was right about the people, to see if they are bad. Brother of Jacob tells him that he’s lived with them for thirty years and their mother may be insane but she was right. They are greedy, manipulative, untrustworthy, and selfish. Jacob wonders why he’s with them. They are a means to an end. That end being to leave the island. Jacob doesn’t believe him so his brother throws his dagger at a stone well and it sticks to the bricks. Around these various places on the island metal behaves strangely and these people he’s been living with are intelligent and curious about how things work, and they’ve figured out a way to leave.

Jacob’s brother asks him to leave with him. Jacob becomes emotional and says that he doesn’t want to leave the island because it’s his home. His brother tells him that the island is not his home.

Jacob returns to his mother and tells her that his brother has finally found a way to leave the island. She goes to the camp and finds her son in the well, which is really a large room. She hasn’t even asked about him since he left and now here she is. He tells her that he has never been able to find the light that she showed him thirty years ago; even though he has searched the whole island for it. He found the light a different way, down in the well and he showed her by pulling a rock out of the wall. There was the light! And in the room next to him was the donkey wheel. He’s going to attach the wheel to a system they are building that channels the water and the light, then when he turns the wheel he’s going to be able to leave. She asks him how he knows that it will work and he tells her, somewhat sarcastically that he’s special.

Somewhere during this episode, the first time I watched it, I started thinking that Mom was really the black smoke.

Mom approaches her son to give him a goodbye hug and then she pushes him back into the wall and knocks him unconscious. She returns to the cave and wakes up Jacob telling him that’s it’s time. Jacob knows that something bad happened. She takes Jacob to the light. She tells Jacob that down in the light is life, death, rebirth; it’s the heart of the island. She warns him again to never go down there because he would be worse than dying. She gives him the wine from the same bottle that Richard drank from and says some kind of chant. She tells Jacob that it’s time for him to take over on the island, but he doesn’t want the job. He knows that Mom’s wanted all along for his brother to be the one, but Jacob’s all she has now. She says that now she realizes it was always supposed to be Jacob. He takes the cup and drinks. She tells him that now they are the same. Jacob’s brother gains consciousness on the ground outside of the well and finds that it’s been buried. He returns to his village and finds that it’s been burned and the people are dead. He takes his dagger to the cave and kills his mother. I’m not sure where this knife came from but it must be the magic knife that can kill the immortal people on the island. As she was dying she said thank you; as if she was glad to finally be able to die.

Speaking of which, I can’t remember the last time we saw Richard, or Ben. Or Rose or Bernard.

Jacob finds his mother, dead in the cave, and his brother. He beats the crap out of his brother – Jacob has a temper. He drags his brother to the creek and tells him that he’s not going to kill him. He’s going to do worse than that. He throws him into the light. And the Black Smoke Monster is born! I still don’t get it.

Jacob finds his brother’s body a ways off by the creek and takes it back to the cave where he places it next to his mother’s body. All this time I was sure that Rose and Bernard were going to be “Adam and Eve” but it was Jacob’s brother and mother. Jacob places a white and black stone into a bag and sets it beside their bodies. This is the bag that Jack and Kate found in the cave way back in Season One.

This is all great but I have a big question. If the man in black is dead in the cave, how did he end up on the beach with Jacob telling him that he wanted to kill him? And when was the statue built?

I feel sorry for both of them. One really wanted to leave. The other wanted to stay with his mother. They were raised by a crazy lady who had told them she made it so they couldn’t hurt each other but they did. I don’t know if Jacob or his brother is better or worse than the other.

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