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Island Reality

This episode picks up right where it left off last week. Jack and his gang walked into the camp of the Black Smoke Monster. Jack gets permission from Hurley to have a private discussion with Fake Locke. Jack isn’t bothered by the fact that the smoke monster looks just like John Locke but he is bothered that he has no idea what the hell the black-smoke-monster-thing-that-looks-like-John-Locke-is. Fake Locke replies, “Sure you do.” As in, “sure you have an idea of what I am.”

Jack, this would have been another great time to NOT change the subject.  I would have loved to have heard a better explanation from Smokey or some intelligent guess from Jack.


Fake Locke tells Jack that he chose John Locke because Locke was stupid enough to believe that he had been brought to island for a reason; but he wasn’t a believer, he was a sucker. After Locke was killed, Jack was nice enough to bring Locke’s body back in the coffin. Jack asks him if he was the one who looked like his dead father, Christian Shephard, who has been seen at various times on the island.

Yes, Jack. We already knew that. He wanted to make sure you found your way to the caves so you could find water.

Fake Locke tries to reassure Jack that all he’s ever been interested in doing is helping him. Fake Locke wanted to help them all leave the island, but since Jacob had chosen the candidates, they were trapped, even before their plane crashed. Now that Jacob is dead they aren’t trapped anymore. All they have to do is get on the plane together and leave.

L.A. Reality

John Locke, who has just been run over by adorable Desmond, is being transported by ambulance to the hospital. Benjamin Linus is riding along and explains to the medic that John was paralyzed and in a wheel chair when he was hit by the car. That explains why he has no reflexes in his lower limbs. The medic asks if there is a family member to notify but Ben doesn’t even know that his first name is John, let alone that he’s engaged to Helen. John is consciousness enough to tell them about Helen, even though he’s strapped down to a board and in a neck brace; and Ben tells Locke that he’s going to be OK and he’s still going to marry Helen Norwood.

My husband predicted last week that John was hit by the car so that Jack would be able to repair his spinal injury. If that’s true, I wonder if that’s what Desmond had in mind when he plowed over him in the school parking lot.

At the hospital, Locke is being wheeled down the sidewalk on the gurney right next to someone else who just arrived by ambulance. It’s a Korean woman who was just shot in the abdomen. Poor Sun! Sun doesn’t like seeing Locke there and shouts out to Jin, who is walking beside her stretcher, “No, No!, It’s him.”

What?! I don’t recall their paths having crossed in the alternate reality so why is she saying that?


Claire followed Locke and Jack into the jungle. She wanted to find out if Jack knew that Smokey was the one pretending to be their father. She seems pretty bitter that no one came back for her after she departed. Repeat, she departed.

Producers? Writers? We want to know what happened when Smoke Monster Christian showed up at the campsite way back in Season 4. What did he say to get Claire to follow him and leave Aaron behind? Why did she look so stoned when she was in Jacob’s cabin with Smoke Monster Christian? Lots of gaps still need to be filled in.

Claire feels happy that Jack is coming on the plane with her because she hasn’t really had much of a family.  Jack tells her he hasn’t decided if he’s coming or not. Claire tells him that whether he likes it or not, he decided to join them the moment he let Fake Locke talk to him.

The next morning Sawyer tells Hurley that Widmore has a submarine and they are planning on leaving the island that way, not on the airplane with Fake Locke. I wouldn’t trust Hurley with any secret, but that’s just me. Kate pulled Sun aside and told her about their plan. Sawyer tells Hurley that Sayid isn’t invited because he’s gone over to the dark side but Hurley points out that people can come back from the dark side, like Anakin. Sawyer has no idea who he’s talking about. Maybe this means that there is hope for Sayid after all. I want Sayid to be OK.

Claire, Locke, and Jack come back to join the others at the camp and Locke gets all sentimental that everyone is back together again. Now that the last candidate, Jack, is here, Fake Locke sees that his plan to leave is beginning to materialize.


Detective James Ford is processing Kate for arson, assault of a federal officer, and murder in the first degree. Kate denies murdering anyone and James tells her he thinks it’s weird that they were on the same flight from Sydney, and then they met up in the elevator at the airport when Kate was trying to get away from the Federal Marshall, then she crashes her car into his car in L.A. It’s like someone is trying to put them together.

I don’t think Cupid Desmond has been around them. I keep thinking that Kate and Jack are going to get together. But, in the alternate reality, Jack has a son. We know that Kate isn’t the mom. Maybe Juliet is. And Kate does end up with Sawyer. Hmmm……

Kate wonders why James didn’t arrest her at the airport when he saw she was wearing handcuffs. James says that he didn’t see any handcuffs (wink, wink), he just saw a pretty lady who needed the elevator door held open for her. Kate is always one step ahead of everyone. She believes that he didn’t arrest her because he didn’t want anyone to know that he was in Australia. She’s a smart one. Kate asks James if she should tell that to the feds when they arrive and he just smiles and says, “Oh, I like you.”

Miles pulls James from the conversation to show him a new multiple homicide they need to work on. It turns out to be Keamy and his henchmen at the restaurant. And Sayid is the prime suspect.


It’s just a lazy day in the camp until Zoe, Widmore’s #2, walks in with her hands up demanding to speak with the man in charge. Fake Locke feigns innocence when she tells him that he must return what he took from them. On her command someone from Widmore’s group fires a missile that explodes near their location. She tells Locke that he has until nightfall to return [Desmond] or they won’t miss next time. I wish she had been more specific since no one, except Sayid, even knows Desmond is there. She leaves her walkie talkie so that Locke can tell them when they can pick up Desmond. He drops it to the ground, smashes it with the tree branch he’s been whittling on, and says, “Well, here we go.”


Claire arrives at an adoption agency in a high rise building and Desmond just happens to be there as well. I’m not sure I like this stalking version of Desmond. She tells him she’s doing well, although she had a little scare and ended up in the hospital, and that Desmond was right about her baby being a boy. He accompanies Claire up the escalator and elevator with her, and talks her into speaking with an attorney before she goes to sign adoption papers. He’s going to foot the bill. The attorney turns out to be Ilana! Desmond introduces her and Ilana is happily surprised because she has been looking for Claire Littleton from Australia; the same one who is in Christian Shepard’s will that Ilana is working on. It’s not clear if Desmond knew about this, but I suspect he did.


Locke tells everyone that Widmore has forced their hand earlier than he expected and they are going to split up and head for the plane immediately. Locke instructs Sawyer to get the sailboat and meet him and the others. Sawyer asks Kate to go with him and pulls Jack aside and tells him to break away from the group and meet up with them at the sailboat. He tells him to bring Hurley, Sun, and Lapidus (who looked like he just stepped out of a Burt Reynolds movie) but not Sayid or Claire. Sayid is a Zombie and Claire gave up her ticket when she tried to kill Kate.

Locke tells Sayid to go kill Desmond before they leave. Desmond is still down inside the well where Locke pushed him. When Desmond looks up and sees Sayid point the gun in his direction he asks Sayid what Fake Locke offered him. Desmond deserves to know what Sayid is getting in exchange for killing him in cold blood. Sayid still believes that he will be able to get his dead girlfriend, Nadia, back if he does as Locke wishes. After all, Sayid died and Locke brought him back. Desmond has a great idea. He tries to make Sayid feel guilty. What will Nadia think when she finds out that Sayid killed a man in cold blood so he could be with her? Who knows if it will work? But in the next scene…


Sayid is packing to leave forever. He just killed the men who were after her husband (Sayid’s brother) and the cops are after him now. Nadia seems horrified that he did something terrible. Ding. Dong. Miles and James calling. Nadia tries to stall Miles at the front door but James is waiting for Sayid in the back yard. One yank of the garden hose and Sayid trips and falls right where James can handcuff him. Remember when Sayid tortured Sawyer for the inhaler. That was awesome.


Kate and Sawyer arrive at the sailboat. Kate asks him if he really thinks it’s a good idea to go with Locke and he tells her the change of plans. We all know that Kate doesn’t like to be caught off guard but she handled the late breaking news OK.

Wait a second! I thought Kate was telling Sun about the change of plans at the beginning of this episode.

Kate is not happy that Claire wasn’t invited to join them. Sawyer reminds her that Claire isn’t the same since she started drinking Locke’s Kool-Aid and anyone can see it would not be a good idea for Claire to be anywhere near Aaron.

Locke’s group is moving along through the jungle which gives the newly reunited half- brother and sister some bonding time. Jack asks Claire how long she had been with Locke and he said since everyone left her; and she trusts Locke because he’s the only one who didn’t abandon her. Boo Hoo, Claire! No one abandoned you!

Locke asks Sun if she’s seen Sayid because he hasn’t come back from doing his dirty work. When she doesn’t answer, Fake Locke gets all offended that she would give him the silent treatment. She pulls her notebook and pen out of her backpack and writes, “You did this to me.” Yeah, remember, you were chasing her and she ran into a tree, Locke! He denies his involvement then moves back through the line where he tells Cindy, the flight attendant, to keep everyone moving and that James should be catching up with them. Locke turns back toward where they came from and he tells Cindy that he’s going back to make sure no one got left behind. Jack makes his move. He has Sun, Lapidus and Hurley bolt in another direction. Claire hides behind a tree and watches them. She’s either going to tattle or follow.

Locke finds Sayid and asks him what took him so long. Sayid seems irked that Locke keeps checking up on him. He says that he just shot an unarmed man and he needed a moment. Locke looks into Sayid’s eyes and asks him if he killed him. Sayid stares right back and tell him that of course he did and he can go check if he wants to. Desmond seems so important to the storyline that I don’t think he’s dead.

Have you noticed that Terry O’Quinn portrays the man in black very well? I mean, he moves his head the way he did and has similar expressions. He deserves the Emmy this year.

The Boat

Jack’s group (I guess Hurley isn’t in charge any more) meets up with Kate and Sawyer at the sail boat.  Sawyer tells them that they can’t leave the island on the boat because they don’t have the bearing. They are going to Hydra Island so Widmore can make good on his promise to let them all leave on the sub while Smoke Locke is delivered into their hands.

*Shotgun click click sound*

It’s Claire. And she looks mad. Kate tells Claire that they are leaving the island. Claire wants to know why they aren’t waiting for John. She really, really likes this guy. Kate tries to tell her that the person she believes to be John isn’t John; he’s not one of them. Kate tells Sawyer that if Claire isn’t allowed to come then she isn’t coming either. Kate is bound and determined to get Claire back to Aaron. Kate reminds Claire that she helped deliver Aaron and she promises Claire that she will get her back to her son. Claire states the obvious, “When John finds out they’re gone he’s going to be mad.” We all know how awesome the show is when Smokey gets mad!


Sun wakes up in the hospital with Jin at her side. She is going to be fine and the baby is fine. All is hunky dory except for that one part where Sun freaked out when she saw Locke being wheeled into the hospital.

Jack and son arrive at the attorney’s office to settle Christian Shepard’s will. This father and son team sure seems to be getting along splendidly now. She asks Jack if he believes in fate because she has a surprise for him. I think I failed to mention that Ilana lost her accent. Jack and Claire meet and discover that they have the same father. Before they have a chance to take care of business Jack gets an emergency call at the hospital. It’s no surprise that John Locke is prepped for spinal surgery and laying on the table.

The Boat

Sawyer congratulates Jack for showing up at the sail boat. He knows Jack doesn’t like to take orders. Jack goes all soft and tells him that leaving the island doesn’t feel right. Jack still thinks they were brought to the island to do something. If Smoke Locke wants them to leave so badly, maybe he’s afraid of what will happen if they stay. Sawyer tells Jack to stop that crazy talk or get off the boat. Jack thinks Sawyer also believes deep down that they shouldn’t leave. Sawyer says he’s done with island and he doesn’t care. Jack expresses his sincere regret for getting Juliet killed, right before he jumps overboard and swims back to the shore. Kate is not happy.

The Island

At the exact place Jack makes it back to the beach, Locke and the group of Others are waiting. Jack confirms that Sawyer took the boat.

Hydra Island

The boat and its passengers make it to Hydra Island. They are greeted by Widmore’s group and their rifles. Zoe radios to Widmore that Sawyer’s back. Jin comes out of the jungle and is finally reunited with Sun. Awww…Ok it was a happy moment but to me sort of anti-climatic. I don’t know why though. And Sun can now speak English. Widmore tells Zoe to execute them and to fire a missile at Locke location on the other island.

The Island

Jack is near the explosion and when it hits the beach he flies through the air. Fake Locke picks him up and carries him to safety. He tells Jack that everything is going to be OK because Jack’s with him now.

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