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LOST 6.12 : Everybody Loves Hugo

Los Angeles

Pierre Chang is hosting an event honoring Hugo Reyes. Good old Hurley and his love for chicken, Pierre tells us, have enabled his franchise to prosper and his philanthropic activities to grow. Photos are shown to the audience of Mr. Cluck’s restaurants in Paris, Japan, and Cairo. Hurley used his lottery winnings to purchase a Mr. Cluck’s restaurant. Since his luck wasn’t bad after the win in this alternate reality, I’m guessing that Tricia Tanaka wasn’t killed when the meteor, and the restaurant wasn’t destroyed.

Hurley has helped to fund parks, schools, hospitals, The Humane Society, zoos, an experimental farm, and a new wing on the anthropology museum. (Probably the same museum where Daniel spotted Charlotte.)

Yes, all is well with millionaire Hurley. Except for his love life. At least that’s what his mom thinks.

On the Beach

Preparations are still being made to blow up the airplane so Smokey Locke can’t leave. Hurley says his final good-bye to Libby at her grave. He tells her that other dead people have shown up to talk to him and he would really like her to. Ilana breaks into the one-sided conversation and asks Hurley if he’ll be ready to leave when she returns  from the Black Rock. Hurley tells Ilana that the grave belongs to Libby, from the tail section of the plane, and they were going to have their first date, a picnic on the beach. But then Michael (boo, hiss) murdered her. Ilana gives Hurley some quiet alone time at the grave, but we hear the whispers and then Michael (boo, hiss) shows up. Michael, who died on the freighter when it exploded, tells Hurley that he can’t let them blow up the airplane on Hydra Island or a lot of people are going to die. Hurley doesn’t want to trust him because he killed Libby and Ana Lucia.

Los Angeles

Mrs. Reyes arranged a blind date for Hurley and “Rosalita” at a Mexican restaurant. She fails to show but  Libby, who never looked this good on the island, approaches him with her “crazy talk” about them already knowing each other from someplace before. She believes that they are connected like soul mates. Libby’s psychiatrist shows up at the table to take Libby back to the mental hospital transport van with all the other patients who are out on a field trip. Libby tells Hurley that she meant everything she said. This gives Hurley something to think about, but that “crazy” stigma seems to make him a non-believer.

On the Beach

Ilana arrives back at the beach with four sticks of leaky dynamite in a canvas bag. I’m no expert on explosives but it didn’t seem to take much to blast Arzt to pieces a few seasons back. Hurley tries to intervene in the plan. Not only did Michael tell him to stop her; he knows from experience that the dynamite is unstable. But Ilana insists that she has been training her whole life for this; to protect the candidates. She must blow up the plane so that smoke monster “thing” won’t be able to leave the island.

Honestly, I would like to see what happens when a smoke monster lands in a populated location. Maybe that’s what causes Doomsday in 2012. Carlton Cuse sent a twitter that spoiled the ending. He said that the final episode is actually what caused the volcano in Iceland.

Ilana has a desperate sense of urgency to get the job done. Hurley states the obvious; if they blow up the plane the candidates won’t be able to get off the island either and they’ll be stuck there with the black smoke monster that will undoubtedly be very angry. Ilana believes that following Richard is the right thing to do. She bends down to finish packing some things into her bag. Hurley continues to argue with her. Ilana, getting more and more frustrated, stands up and tells Hurley that she is only looking out for their best interest, she tosses her water bottle into the bag, sets it down and kaboom! That totally sucks, but it was a seriously cool explosion.

On the Island

Smoke Locke, Sawyer, Kate, and the gang are just hanging out from where Jin was taken. Sawyer is becoming very impatient because Locke is just whittling on a tree branch. Locke tells them that just like the only way they could all return to the island was by doing it together, they have to all leave together on the plane to get off the island. Kate doesn’t see that happening but . . . it just might transpire.

Sayid pulls Locke aside and takes him out to where he has Desmond tied to a tree. Everyone sure carries a lot of rope on this island.

On the Beach

Hurley looks through Ilana’s belongings left in her makeshift shelter on the beach; there he finds a Russian book (I sure hope that we learn more about Ilana and that’s not just the end of her) and the bag with Jacob’s ashes. Richard continues to quickly get ready to leave for the other island. Richard says that they have to get more dynamite despite what just happened. Jack made a promise to Sun that he would get her off the island and Richard wishes he hadn’t done that. Hurley agrees with Richard. What? Just a second ago he was arguing with Ilana about it. Hurley tells Jack to trust him; and he does. Jack doesn’t like being in charge anymore?

Los Angeles

At a Mr. Cluck’s restaurant, Hurley orders a family size bucket of chicken. He’s a little upset and needs something to eat. He sees Desmond standing in line staring at him. Desmond asks Hurley if he’s seen him before. If Hurley is as famous as everyone is saying he is, then Desmond probably saw his face on TV. Hurley tells Desmond that he probably saw his commercial and asks him if he wants a Cluckateer keychain. Desmond remembers it was on Oceanic 815 from Sydney. He sits down and makes a comment about the large quantity of chicken he’s been eating. Hurley tells him he’s depressed. Desmond asks, “So what’s her name?”

Is Desmond now playing cupid?

Hurley tells Des about his blind date, Libby, and the fact that, although she’s totally awesome, she’s crazy and lives in the loony bin. Des says, “All women are a little crazy, Brutha.” Why must he be so darn adorable?

Sorry, I started day dreaming a little bit.

Hurley continues by telling him that Libby said that they already knew each other, but he doesn’t remember meeting her at all. Desmond moves in close to whisper. He asks Hurley if he believed Libby when she said that. Hurley admits that he did a little bit. Des tells him to go with his gut and try to remember where he may know her from.

On the Island

Fake Locke apologizes to Desmond for being tied up, but Sayid didn’t want him to run away. Des says that he has nowhere to run to. Locke likes that answer and cuts him loose. Locke asks Desmond why Charles Widmore brought him back to the island. Des says that he doesn’t know because he was kidnapped, and Widmore threw him into a wooden shack and blasted him with a massive amount of electromagnetism. Locke asks Des how he’s so sure what he was blasted with and Des tells him it’s from experience. Locke asks Des if he knows who he is. Of course, he replies. John Locke.

Now if you only watched this once, go back and watch this scene again. There is some very interesting facial expression language going on. Desmond seems fully confident and comfortable with what’s happening. And Terry O’Quinn is such a great actor. His looks of confusion and caution show that there is something going on in that black smoky mind of his. Locke tells Sayid to head back to camp because he needs to show something to Desmond. As they walk through the jungle, Locke asks Desmond how long he was down in the hatch pushing the button, and when Des tells him it was three years Locke says, “If I didn’t know better I would think this island had it in for you.” Des tells him that there is nothing special about him; the island has it in for all of them. Locke whole heartedly agrees. Locke again sees the little boy who looks like an “Other”, the one he saw a few episodes ago in the jungle. Des asks Locke who the boy is and Locke tells him twice just to ignore the kid.  The boy smiles and runs off.

Now, because I thought Desmond knew what his purpose was on the island, I’ve been looking for hints to support that theory. It’s possible that the exchange of looks between Desmond and the boy could have been like a “wink, wink” we-got-Smokey-right-where-we-want-him.

On the Beach

Hurley’s group is walking through the jungle toward the Black Rock and Ben points out to Jack that Ilana was handpicked by Jacob himself to protect the candidates and right after she told them who they were, she blows up. The island was done with her. He wonders aloud what’s going to happen when the island is done with them. They approach the Black Rock where Richard is going to get more dynamite. No one has seen Hurley in a while, until he comes running and screaming out of the ship telling everybody to ruuuunnnnn! Hurley had gone ahead of the group and rigged the ship to blow up, taking all the dynamite, and the possibility of blowing up the plane, out with it. Richard flips out. Miles asked why he did that. Hurley tells him that Michael came back to yell at him and told him that he needed to stop them from blowing up the plane. I’m so glad that Miles and Hurley have each other to share their talking-to-dead-people stories. Miles asks Hurley if he just listens to every dead person who comes and yells at him. Hurley says the dead people are more reliable that the live people. Richard, the one who I used to think was the stabilizing presence on the island, is still frantic and out of control. He tells the group that he’s going to the Dharma barracks to see if they have any explosives. Jack wants to talk about it but Richard says there is no time. Hurley announces that they need to go talk to Locke. Ben asks if he’s trying to get them killed. Hurley says that it’s Jacob who wants them to go talk to Locke. Richard is suspicious and tells Hurley to ask Jacob what the island is. (Remember, Jacob told Richard that the island is the cork holding in the evil.) Hurley walks toward the place where Jacob is supposedly standing and tells Richard that Jacob doesn’t have to prove anything to him. He can either follow Hurley or continue to blow stuff up. Richard tells everyone that Hurley is lying, and he knows he’s lying because Jacob never explains what to do. He is still going to destroy the plane and he would like all the help he can get. Ben decides to go with Richard, and so does Miles. He tells Hurley that he saw the Black Smoke in action and it doesn’t want to talk.

Jack says that he’s going with Hurley because if Jacob says to go talk to Locke then that’s what they are going to do. It becomes nightfall and they have torches now. Sun, who also followed Hurley, writes out a question to Lapidus, because she still can’t speak English. “Did we make a mistake?” Lapidus says, “Probably.” Hurley asks Jack how they are going to break the ice with the Smoke Monster. Jack says not to worry about it because he has a feeling Locke wants to do most of the talking. Or, Hurley reminds him, Locke could just kill them all. Hurley admits that he didn’t even see Jacob, and Jack says he already knows that. He explains that he followed Hurley anyway because since he caused Juliet’s death all he has wanted to do is fix it; but he can’t ever fix it. Jack’s having a hard time sitting back letting other people tell him what to do but maybe that’s the point; maybe he’s supposed to let go. Hurley doesn’t feel so sure about his own leadership skills and he says that maybe Jack’s letting go is actually going to get them all killed. Jack tells Hurley that he trusts him, even though Hurley has no idea where he’s going.

It sounds like the whole group is going to be back together just like Locke had hoped. So they can all leave the island together.

I still want to know what’s up with that bird way back in Season 1 or 2 that seemed to call Hurley’s name as it flew by.

They hear the whispers and Hurley tells the group to stay put. He goes off alone and finds Michael. Michael tells Hurley that he’s stuck on the island because of what he did. I guess that means killing Libby and Ana Lucia? Hurley puts it all together. There are others like Michael stuck on the island and that’s what the whispers are.

Now that’s a great beginning of an answer but that better not be the entire answer about what the whispers are. Over the years, other bloggers have deciphered things the whispers have said by enhancing the sound and playing them backward. There is a whole lot more to these whispers and why they say what they say, than just “these are people stuck on the island and can’t move on because of something they did” nonsense.

This link provides transcripts.

Michael points the way to where Locke is hanging out. Hurley asks if there is anything he can do to help Michael move on. No, except, don’t get yourself killed. And Michael tells Hurley that if he does ever see Libby again to tell her that he’s very sorry.

On the Island

Locke and Desmond arrive at a well. It looks different than the one with the donkey wheel. That well had lots of trees around it. Locke shows Desmond how deep the well is by tossing in a torch. I’m beginning to lose my confidence in Desmond. He doesn’t seem to have a clue about what’s going on. Locke tells him that the well was built by hand a long time ago. But they weren’t looking for water, they were looking for answers. This was a place that makes compass needles spin, and the island’s inhabitants wanted to know why, so they dug the well by hand. But they never got their answers. Locke tells Desmond that he brought him to the well because Charles Widmore is not interested in answers; only in power. And he brought Desmond back to the island so he could help him find what he was looking for. Desmond’s like, really, that’s the reason you brought me to see this well. Locke asks why he’s not afraid. He is, after all, out in the middle of the jungle with Fake Locke, and no one even knows he’s there. Desmond simply answers, “What’s the point in being afraid?” Locke smiles then throws Desmond down into the well.

That’s it. Desmond! What is going on with you?!

Locke returns to the camp and tells Sayid that they don’t have to worry about Desmond anymore. Sawyer asks where he’s been and he replies that he went for a walk. Sawyer: “Well, now that you’re done stretching your legs…” Into the camp walk Jack, Hurley, Sun and Lapidus. Hurley approaches Locke and tells him that he doesn’t know what or who he is but they need to talk. Locke gives up his weapon and Sun looks around for Jin. Kate smiles at Jack. So does Fake Locke. This is the first time Jack has seen him since returning to the island.

Los Angeles

Hurley goes to the Santa Rosa Mental Hospital to see Libby but the director decides that is not a good idea because she has issues with reality. Hurley asks, “Not even for a fajita field trip?” The director says the only exception would be for a family member. Hurley asks, “Or for a generous donor?” He proceeds to write out a check for $100,000. Next scene, Hurley is sitting in the familiar commons area of the hospital. We see the “numbers guy” playing Connect Four. Hmmm…I wonder if that game is a clue? I was looking around for other clues but the only one I could see was a chalk drawing of an island. Then I thought about the time Matthew Abadan was there visiting Hurley and when he left the room, it looked like black smoke followed him out the door and we all thought he was the Black Smoke.

Libby comes into the room and asks Hurley if he remembered being with her before. No he didn’t, but he asks where she thinks she knows him from. She tells him she’s not sure but she was watching TV and saw Hurley on the screen and she was hit with a whole bunch of memories of her life, only it was another life, with a plane crash. She was on an island and Hurley was there and they liked each other. Libby also remembers being in the hospital before and Hurley being there too, in this other life. Hurley tells her that this is the first time he’s been in a mental hospital. She was hoping that he remembered her, then that would make it so that she wasn’t crazy. He thinks Libby is very brave to just walk up to someone and start talking to them even if it is about some bizarre alternate universe; Hurley has trouble just saying hi to a girl. Libby tells him he’s doing fine. Hurley asks her out and since she is at the hospital voluntarily she is happy to accept. So, I guess she’s not married now. Remember it was her husband’s boat that Desmond bought for his race around the world. If I remember correctly, her husband was killed and that is why she was selling it.

Hurley and Libby go to the beach and have a picnic.

Was it just me or was Libby’s dress awfully low-cut, especially for a first date?

Anyway, Libby tells Hurley she’s never been to that beach before, but being there with Hurley seems so familiar. She becomes uncomfortable by the circumstances and asks Hurley why he even wants to be with her. Hurley asks her the same question. Libby wants to be with Hurley because she likes him. Hurley doesn’t buy it. He thinks she likes him just because she’s delusional. I guess if you’re going to be delusional you should pick a famous millionaire. Libby reaches over and kisses him. Wham! All these memories go flashing through Hurley’s mind. He tells Libby that he thinks he’s remembering stuff. Yay! Libby’s not crazy. The camera pans back and Desmond is seen sitting in his car watching the results of his match-making skills. He pushes up the bridge of his sunglasses as if to say, “Mission Accomplished”, and drives off.

I don’t think anyone saw what was coming next.

As if Desmond’s stalking behavior at the beach isn’t creepy enough (you’re still adorable Desmond) it just gets worse when we see him sitting in his car outside the school where Ben and Locke teach children. Ben knocks on the window to see what the deal is. Desmond lies and tells him that he just moved into the neighborhood and he’s looking for a school for his son. He tells Ben that his son’s name is Charlie. This is the very first time it occurred to me that a potential Charlie Hume could be named after his grandfather Charles Widmore.

It’s easy to realize that Desmond is there to see Locke. He’s been watching him cross the campus in his wheelchair. Now that he’s appeased Benjamin Linus, he starts to pull away from the curb. Pulls away from the curb is an understatement. He rips away from the curb and speeds right into Locke running him over and driving away.


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