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LOST 6.11 : Happily Ever After

I’m not sure how many days after Desmond was shot by Benjamin Linus this episode takes place. Des is still beat up a bit, but Ben seems to have healed. Maybe the island has healed him faster or maybe the timeline is off just a bit for the sake of storytelling. So Desmond was brought back to the island against his will by his father-in-law but Charles assured Des that Penny and little Charlie are safe. I wonder how that all went down.

Charles tells Desmond that the island isn’t done with him yet and we find out he’s being led to a Jurassic Park-ish container where we’re going to find out if he can withstand another electromagnetic event. Widmore’s crew was supposed to test it out on a bunny first but the technician who entered the box to see why it didn’t fire up the first time ended up getting fried, literally. They hadn’t even brought out that guy’s smokin’ hot body before they had Desmond (and his smokin’ hot body, ha ha) to the door for his turn.

Really, Charles? You’re just going to throw Desmond in there? Widmore is sure he won’t be harmed, based on “everything he’s heard about him.” Could that be from Eloise Hawking? I believe she also told Desmond that the island wasn’t through with him yet.

They force Desmond into a chair and tie him up. Widmore tells Des that he’s going to have to make a sacrifice. Oh, great! Desmond points out that Charles doesn’t know anything about sacrifice. Widmore doesn’t see it that way. His son (Daniel) died on the island. His daughter (Penny) hates him and he’s never met his grandson, Charlie. He tells Des that it will all be for nothing if he doesn’t help him and he closes the door behind him as he walks out.

Desmond struggles and frees himself from the chair but can’t break his way out of the door before the electromagnetic thingy is turned on. Desmond is overcome by the blast and the scene changes to LAX where Desmond is looking at the computer screen for his correct luggage carousel. Hurley walks by and confirms to the audience that, yes, Desmond was on the flight, as he tells Mr. Hume where to pick up his suitcase. At the carousel, Desmond assists Claire with her luggage. Men, you have no idea how appreciative a 9-month-pregnant Claire must feel! In the exchange between the two, Claire tells Desmond she doesn’t know if she’s having a boy or a girl and Desmond tells her that she’s braver than him because he doesn’t like surprises.

Claire looks lost because we know that her adoptive parents didn’t show up at the airport to pick her up. I’m still wondering who they are and if they have any necessary connection to the plot. Desmond offers her a ride in the car that’s picking him up. That’s so sweet, but kinda creepy, too.  As they part ways Desmond tells her he bets she’s having a boy.

Desmond’s driver holding the Hume sign is George from the freighter. That’s our first clue that Des is on his way to see Charles Widmore. He tells the driver he’s not going to  his hotel but to the office to see the big boss. George also points out that Desmond isn’t wearing a wedding ring which  those of us overly observant types noticed in the premier when he was sitting by Jack on the plane. Desmond is shown right in to Mr. Widmore’s office and they embrace. Something is way different in this reality! Widmore even shares his 60 year old scotch with Desmond and tells him that nothing is too good for his right hand man.

I like figuring things out as they progress which is almost impossible but it was interesting to think about Daniel’s alternate reality when Widmore mentioned his son is a musician. He must have convinced his mother that it was OK to be a pianist. Although I can’t imagine Eloise getting anything except her own way.

Anyway, Daniel is providing the music for one of his mother’s charity events and he’s combining classical music with rock and roll. Desmond is assigned to see to it that drugged out Charlie Pace is delivered to the location of the party.

At the court house Charlie is placed into the custody of Desmond and Charlie just takes off across the busy street. He hasn’t gotten over his “I should have died” mood. They sit at a bar and Charlie tells Desmond that he’s not really happy, even though he has his great job, lots of money and travels the world, because he’s never been in love. Charlie tells Desmond that he saw “love” on the plane back from Sidney. He describes Kate, the brunette in handcuffs, his fateful trip to the lav, how he was choking on his bag of drugs…..then that’s when he saw a rapturous blonde woman. Claire, right? He felt like he had always been in love with her. Then Jack revived him.

Desmond tells Charlie that he can choose to stay in the bar drinking and destroy his music career or leave with Desmond and hook up with Charles Widmore and his power. Charlie says that that isn’t really a choice but Desmond tells him there is always a choice. They drive along listening to “You All Everybody” and Charlie tells him that’s Drive Shaft’s first hit. Emphasis on first. In the show we’ve been watching that was their only hit. Charlie says that was the beginning of everything wonderful. Not sure if that’s sarcastic or not.

Charlie continues to point out how unhappy Desmond really is and he doesn’t even realize it. Charlie offers Desmond a choice to either let Charlie show him what he’s talking about or get out of the car. Desmond chuckles and Charlie grabs the steering wheel and drives them off into the harbor. Desmond escapes and tries to get Charlie out of his seatbelt. He has to go up for air then tries to open Charlie’s door on the submerging vehicle. Charlie looks at Desmond and starts to hold up his hand. Here it comes. The hand goes on the window and Desmond has a flash to the Hydra Station where he sees Charlie drowning and the message, “Not Penny’s Boat.” Charlie passes out again and Desmond takes him up to the surface for help.

Next we see Desmond in the hospital, clothed and sitting up, and the doctor explaining to him that he might have a concussion. He says that he’s not experiencing nausea but he’s not sure if he had a hallucination. The doctor won’t let him leave until he has an MRI. The tech is going down the list of potential risks and asks Desmond if he has any friends or family to list on the emergency contact form. Desmond just tells him to put down Charles Widmore.

Once in the machine (MRI remember has the word “magnet”), he starts hallucinating. He sees Charlie and Penny and baby Charlie and more Penny. He freaks out and the tech lets him out to get dressed and leave. Desmond is looking for Charlie but the nurse won’t tell him where he is, you know, privacy rules. Desmond spots Jack and when he explains that he is looking for someone who was also on their flight you can hear Twilight Zone music playing in Jack’s head. Well, you can’t literally. I wonder what Jack thought when Charlie comes busting down the down and he actually has time to process that’s the same dude he saved from choking to death on the plane.

Desmond catches up to him and Charlie insists that no one can help him, that he didn’t try to kill Desmond, he was just trying to show him something. Desmond demands that Charlie show him his hands. Charlie knows that what Desmond experienced was the powerful true love feeling and he advises him to go find Penny.

OK, so Desmond is supposed to be Widmore’s right hand man and he doesn’t know that Widmore has a daughter named Penny? Or does he?

Des calls Widmore and tells him what transpired and that he allowed Charlie to leave the hospital. Widmore is a little perturbed and tells Desmond that he is going to have to be the one to tell Mrs. Widmore that the rock star escaped, meaning Drive Shaft won’t be able to perform. George, the driver, warns Desmond about the mean Mrs. Widmore who of course ends up being Eloise Widmore, not Eloise Hawking, or Eloise Faraday for that matter. Mrs. Widmore is completely fine with the fact that the rock group won’t be able to perform.

Desmond walks by the staff going over the guest list and stops straight away when he hears, “Milton, Penny, solo.”

Her maiden name is Milton?

Desmond asks to see the guest list and Mrs. Widmore freaks out and won’t let Desmond see the confidential list and sends all the caterers away so she can scold him. He apologizes for overstepping his bounds but she tells him that he needs to stop! Someone has affected the way he sees things, this is a serious problem, a violation, and he needs to stop whatever it is he’s looking for. She tells him he has a perfect life and he’s attained the very thing he’s always wanted, Mr. Widmore’s approval. He questions how she knows what he wants and she simply bloody does. She won’t tell him why he can’t see the list because he’s not ready yet and she walks away.

Desmond strolls back to the car and tells George to just drive. Daniel knocks on the window and introduces himself to Desmond as Daniel Widmore and they need to talk.

This is going to be awesome, right?! Remember Daniel found Desmond in the hatch and told him that he needed to find his mother at Oxford or they who were still on the island were going to die.

Desmond apologizes that Charlie Pace isn’t going to be able to be at the performance. Daniel simply asks Desmond if he believes in love at first sight. Desmond is wondering what the heck is going on with all these people thinking that it’s all about love.

Is LOST, after all these years, a happily ever after love story? That is the name of the episode.

Best conversation of the season! Daniel tells Desmond that he saw this beautiful red-haired woman with blue eyes at a museum he was visiting. He felt like he had already loved her. That night he woke up and wrote some equations in a journal but he had no idea what they meant. His buddy at Cal Tech told Daniel that only someone who studied physics their entire life would come up with those equations for quantum mechanics would mean. Daniel asks Desmond to consider the possibility of something terrible was about to happen and the only way to stop it was by releasing a huge amount of energy like setting off a nuclear bomb. Desmond seems amused but interested. Daniel continues by asking what if this life they are experiencing was not supposed to be their life. He tells Desmond he doesn’t want to set off a nuclear bomb….he thinks he already did.

Perfect! I have no idea what the means for the rest of the season but that was awesome!!!

Desmond doesn’t know what it has to do with him, but Daniel wants to know why he asked his mother, Eloise, about a woman named Penny. Daniel asks if he felt “it”. Desmond brushes off the idea; he doesn’t even know if she’s real or just an idea. Daniel says that Penny is his half-sister and he can tell Desmond exactly where and when he can find her.

Desmond arrives at the stadium where Penny is running up and down the stairs. The same stadium where he met Jack. He approaches her and he seems to get it; Penny on the other hand is slightly confused about who this man is. Desmond is awake on the island now and Mr. Widmore tells him he was unconscious for no more than a few seconds. He asks for help up and Charles apologizes for putting him through that but his talent is vital to the success of their mission. He begins to explain, but Desmond stops him because he says he understands.

Whew! If Desmond understands, then that means someone on the island finally understands what the heck is going on and what he has to do. Charles is surprised he understands everything. As they are returning through the jungle, Chloe wants to know what happened to him. She thinks his brain was fried, because one minute he was attacking Mr. Widmore trying to get away and now he’s as calm as can be.

Sayid jumps out of the bushes and breaks one guy’s neck, pulls a gun on Chloe and tells her to run. Sayid tells Desmond that the people his is with are dangerous and Desmond needs to come with him.

Desmond continues to stay completely calm and says, “Aye, of course.”

I’m not sure why Sayid didn’t kill Chloe.

Desmond wakes up back at the stadium; apparently he fainted (or did his time travel thing now that he hooked up back with his constant or something). He invites Penny to go for a coffee and she agrees to meet him in an hour.

Desmond is overcome and he asks his driver to get him the manifest list of passengers for flight 815. He wants to show “him” something.

Him, Charles Widmore? Him, Charlie Pace? Him, Daniel Faraday?

I’m going with Daniel Faraday. Then maybe they’re going to round everyone up and play matchmaker because L-O-S-T is really all about L-O-V-E. Maybe Sawyer will find Juliette after all.

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