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LOST 6.10 : The Package recap, summary and commentary by Evie

Sun and Jin still haven’t found one another on the island. We still don’t know if Sun speaks English in the alternate reality. I assumed she did, but now I’m not so sure. When she banged her head into the tree while running away from Fake Locke, and subsequently lost her ability to speak English, it made me wonder if that was a clue to what’s going on off-island. And sometimes it sure looks like Jin understands people who are speaking to him in English.

Jin didn’t get his money back at the airport when 815 landed in LA. Jin admits to Sun that he didn’t know what the money was for because her father gave it to him to deliver with the watch and he just does what her father says, no questions asked. We find out later that if Jin knew what the money was for, he wouldn’t have delivered the watch.

At Camp Smokey

We found out that Jin knows about the cave with the names that Fake Locke showed to Sawyer. The only way they can leave the island is if all the people whose names are not crossed off leave together. Kwon could be Sun or Jin. Fake Locke told Sayid he was going to run an errand (go look for Sun) and he asked Sayid to keep an eye on things at the camp. Sayid’s response was to announce his lack of feelings. Is Sayid losing his humanity and turning into the next Black Smoke Monster? Sayid tells Fake Locke he doesn’t feel anything. No happiness, no anger, no pain, nada. It was weird that he just said that out of the blue. Locke told him that it’s probably a good thing for what’s coming.

As soon as Locke leaves, Jin prepares to take off, to get away from that thing who is not Locke and to look for Sun. He doesn’t know that’s what Locke is doing as well. Sawyer tries to talk him out of it because it’s absurd for him to even know where to begin looking. Jin tells him that he’s going to start at the temple and if she’s not there then he’s going to try the beach. Before they can argue about it, flying darts of poison (or sedative) stab everyone in the neck and they all drop to the ground. It’s Widmore’s geophysicist, Zoe, and friends, and they grab Jin and take him to Hydra Island.

Beach Camp

Ben has a fit when Ilana tells the group that they are just going to wait for Richard and Hurley to come back. No one believes that Richard knows what to do next, and Miles doesn’t believe Hurley can track anything unless it’s covered in bacon grease – that’s cold! Ilana says that Jacob has never lied to her before and if he said Richard knows what to do, then that’s the truth; and so they are just going to wait.

Sun is tired of waiting. Sun doesn’t give a hoot about being a candidate or their purpose for being on the island or Jacob’s lighthouse or Richard. I don’t blame her. I would want to find my husband too. She storms off to her happy place and begins searching her garden (from three years ago) for some tomatoes, but everything is dead. Fake Locke shows up and tells her that he can take her to Jin but she declines his offer. He tells her he won’t make her do anything against her will be asks her again to go with him. This is when Sun starts running away. I thought Locke was going to turn into the Smoke Monster during the chase, that would have been so cool, but maybe he has to be going 88 miles an hour or something. This is when Sun smashes her forehead into the tree. Ben wakes her up and she can no longer speak English. Something that Jack calls aphasia – a temporary condition caused by trauma to the head. Miles: “She hits her head and can’t speak English; we’re supposed to buy that?” Lapidus: “Asks the man who communes with the dead.” Miles, to Ilana: “What are you smiling at?” Richard and Hurley are back! Richard: “Pack your bags; we’re leaving.” Richard knows that the only way Fake Locke can leave the island is on the airplane that brought the Losties back. So they have to destroy the plane. Sun freaks out. She is NOT going to let them destroy the only means of getting off the island. Unfortunately no one can understand a word she’s saying, but they get the idea that she’s not going with them.

Los Angeles

Sun and Jin arrive at their separate hotel rooms. Separate because they aren’t married. But Sun and her button-down shirt convince Jin to stay in her room for the night. In the morning she tells Jin that she has some money saved and they should run away together. Just when Sun is about to tell Jin something important there’s a knock at the door. Martin Keamy. He is so creepy. He tells Sun that he’s a friend of her father’s and that he is there for the watch and the money.

So he’s a friend of Mr. Pak in the alternate reality and he worked for Charles Widmore on his freighter. I still think those two rich and powerful men are up to something together, or against one another.

Keamy can’t understand their Korean conversation but they have a translator. Mikhail, you know, Patchy! But he has both of his eyes. (Another hint that whatever happened on the island when the bomb went off changed events before the 815 flight in some crazy way.) Sun tells Keamy that she has some money in her bank account that she will give him since the wads of cash were confiscated at the airport. Mikhail goes to the bank with Sun and Keamy takes Jin to the restaurant where Sayid found him a few episodes back. Jin insists that Keamy not tell Mr. Pak about his relationship with Sun.

This is where I got confused. We saw Jacob at Sun and Jin’s wedding before flight 815 crashed, and we know for sure that Sun had a wedding ring on the island. But after 815 landed in LA, they weren’t married? I thought the whole reason Jin was working for Sun was so they could be together.  What is going on?

At the bank, Sun finds out that Mr. Pak transferred the money out of her account to one of his. He wasn’t even supposed to be aware of the account. At the restaurant, Keamy tells Jin, who of course can’t understand his English (or can he?), that Mr. Pak wasn’t very happy when he found out that Jin was “doing” his daughter. The $25,000 confiscated at the airport was to be Keamy’s fee for killing Jin. We hear the muffled conversation between Sayid and the bad guys. (I had to think hard to remember why Sayid was there. Sayid’s brother owed Keamy money on a loan and the bad guys put the brother in the hospital so Sayid went to take care of business). Then we hear gun shots. Jin kicks on the door and Sayid comes into the room where Jin is bound and gagged. Jin talks him into helping him free himself before he leaves.

Mikhail and Sun return to the find the dead bodies in the kitchen of the restaurant and Keamy is still alive but shot. Jin puts a gun to the back of Mikhail’s head and tells Sun to move away. At the end of the struggle, Mikail loses his eye courtesy of Jin’s bullet and Sun is shot by Mikail in the abdomen. Jin gathers Sun up into his arms and she holds her bleeding stomach she tells Jin that she’s pregnant. Who is the father?!

Camp Smokey

Locke returns to the camp and finds everyone still unconscious. He rouses Sayid and learns that someone attacked them and Jin is missing. He and Sayid prepare to go after Jin. Claire overheard the conversation about the cave of names and asks Locke if her name is on the wall of the cave. He tells her that it’s not; and Kate’s name is not on the wall anymore either. Claire is feeling unimportant and disposable but Locke assures her that he still needs her and he needs Kate too because he believes that she will be able to help him get the others on the plane. Kinda like when Ben used Jack to get the others to get on the plane to return to the island. Claire is still moody about Kate and Aaron and is concerned that Aaron only knows Kate as Mommy and Claire will be a stranger to him. Locke tells Claire that once Kate helps get the others to the plane “whatever happens, happens”. Kate better watch her back.

Best scene of the show: When Locke tells Sawyer that he and Sayid are going to the other island Sawyer says, “What do you need a boat for? Can’t you just turn into smoke and fly your ass over the water?” Locke says, “Do you think if I could do that, I’d still be on this island?” Sawyer replies, “No, ‘cause that’d be ridiculous.” I love how everyone just goes with the flow about accepting the reality of a Smoke Monster Locke.

Jin finds himself in Room 23, the place the Others used to brainwash Carl, Alex’s boyfriend, with the crazy sounds and video. Zoe arrives and shows Jin a map of the island that the Dharma Initiative had marked identifying the pockets of electromagnetism. Jin’s name was on the map from when he was part of the DI but he insists on talking to Charles Widmore before answering any of her questions.

Hydra Island

Locke makes his way to the beach where Widmore’s people have set up the sonar fence and they jump out from behind the bushes firing their rifles. Of course, Locke knows he’s safe from the bullets, and he announces that he comes in peace. Widmore comes out to speak to him. He tells him that he knows the man he’s speaking to is not John Locke but a combination of myths, ghost stories, and jungle noises in the night. Locke tells him that he must know more than that or the sonic fence wouldn’t be there. When he tells Widmore that he’s come for Jin, Widmore doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Locke says, “A wise man once said, “War is coming to this Island”. I think it just got here.” That wise man was Widmore. He was speaking to real John Locke in Tunisia after John moved the island.

Widmore returns to his group and is furious that Zoe captured Jin. They weren’t supposed to do that for a few more days and they should have just let Jin leave the camp instead of ambushing them with their blow darts. Widmore apologizes to Jin and gives him Sun’s camera that he found on the plane. It has photos of their adorable little girl and Jin was able to see his daughter for the first time. Widmore expresses his empathy at Jin’s longing to being reunited with his wife and daughter. After all, Widmore knows what it’s like being separated from his daughter. He tells Jin that he came to the island to stop that thing in Locke’s body from ever escaping or everyone they love will cease to exist.

Beach Camp

Jack gives Sun a notepad to see if she can write in English even if her brain isn’t letting her speak it. He also gives her a tomato he found in the garden – a stubborn tomato, that didn’t know it was supposed to die. Is that something cryptic? Are all the Losties just stubborn people who haven’t been told they are supposed to die? Sun uses her new means of communication to tell Jack that Locke told her he had Jin and she didn’t go with him because she doesn’t trust him. Sun has been with Locke since they first arrived back on the island. She’s seen him pretending to be Real Locke, rolling out of the box as Dead Locke, and knows that he’s Smoke Locke. (Rocke, Docke, and Smocke?) She must be feeling very desperate and frustrated. She has more faith in Jack now than the last time they left the island. She blamed Jack for leaving Jin on the freighter before it blew up. Now she has to trust Jack. He promises that he is going to help her find Jin and that they are going to all get on the plane and get off the island.

Camp Smokey

Kate is sitting by the fire eating a mango and when Sawyer sits down beside her she asks him why he’s not worried. He says that he is worried but he’s good at pretending he’s not. He thinks Widmore was prepared to blow Locke and Sayid out of the water and this is all going to be over soon. D’oh! Locke’s back! With no Jin and no Sayid. He tells Sawyer and Kate that Widmore said he didn’t have Jin; and he sent Sayid on a recon mission to find out what Widmore was hiding in the sub that he didn’t what Sawyer to see when he visited Hydra Island on his recon mission. The episode ends with Sayid swimming toward the dock and the Widmore crew draggin a groggy man out of the sub.


Score for me! After I saw the episode “Dr. Linus”, I had a hunch that Widmore brought Desmond with him on that sub! Desmond has an important part in this, but I have no idea what it is. I’m just glad to have his deliciousness back on the island!

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