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Call it a morning ritual, but I must get my morning dose of Wall Street Journal’s radio program on waking. It goes hand in hand with the cup(s) of coffee. Yesterday’s broadcast brought laughter – and a bit of disgust – as I listened.

Some researchers from I-don’t-know-where had done a study, learning that a person is more likely to die as the result of a bee sting than shark attack. More likely to die in a car wreck than from a gun shot.

Talk about your eureka moments. Not.

I figured the next epiphany would be that those who eat a case of Twinkies a day were most likely to gain weight.  Or maybe those who stand in the rain tend to get wet.

Seriously. Who pays people to figure this stuff out? Is common sense deader than I thought? (“Stop! You’re killing it again…”)

Are there those who actually maintain that sharks kill more people than bee stings? Those who proclaim more people die of gunshot wounds than in car wrecks? OK – maybe. But aren’t those the same people that want to ban all swimming in the ocean while believing it’s guns, not people, who kill other people, in an effort to promote an agenda?

I seem to recall classes throughout my school years on probabilities. It was great fun! We were forced to draw our own conclusions. I’d like to think I’d have come to the same conclusions as said bee/shark/gun/car researchers – without having to do the bee/shark/gun/car research.

I also have to wonder just how much money is spent on studies that, in the end, seem more an issue of common sense. Of course, that would require a study as well. So let’s just go out on a limb and say the money spent on frivolous studies is way too much. We don’t need the results of a study to prove it.

Not that true research is a bad thing – not at all. Just that some of this research really borders on the frivolous and insane.

If you think I’ve gone mad, don’t come crying to me when a group of researchers stand in the middle of a severe thunderstorm, umbrellas in hand, to cast their own theories on whether lightning and electricity are related. Nor ask me for money to fund said research. I will be too busy liz picspending money on Epi-pens and a well-armored vehicle…


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