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can somebody do my homework, sarcasm. One of my favorite ways of communicating.

In face-to-face conversations – even phone calls – sarcasm is fairly easy to detect. But for many, it’s much more difficult to spot in emails, texts, and for that matter, any form of written word.

No more, I say. Now, we have the SarcMark – a new punctuation, uh, mark., perfect for making certain you’re never misunderstood again.

Many of us already have our own ways of making sure the sarcasm in our correspondence is detectable. We may place certain phrases in quotations, or add an over-used LOL at the end of a sentence. But how much easier would things be if, with the stroke of two keys, you simply added the SarcMark?

And if you happen to be on the receiving end of sarcasm, you’ll never have to fire back a sentence like this:

“Do I detect sarcasm?”

You’ll know by the punctuation!

As the video points out, simply following the key strokes in the first image will not make a SarcMarc magically appear. You’ll need to download the software (which is available for computers and cellphones). for a buck ninety-nine. (This guy is a genius, I tell ya.) He could probably upcharge for color personalization, as well (as my friend Marcie suggested).

I think the only downfall to the SarcMark could come when one writes something like:

“I love your new haircut” and inadvertently adds the SarcMark.

Then again, it could be fun to keep people guessing…


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