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mcdonalds liz and kate cupMore than you know.

The Wall Street Journal This Morning reported fast food restaurants often have a variety of items for sale that aren’t necessarily on the menu.

While I already knew this – I’ve been known to pick up an order of scrambled eggs and a side of bacon at Mickey Ds – I wasn’t aware of the number of eateries beyond the Golden Arches that follow suit.

Before we explore the other restaurants, here are a couple more treats from McDonald’s – a Neapolitan milk shake, made of part vanilla, part chocolate and part strawberry shake. Again, it’s not on the menu, but if you request it, they’ll make it. And if you’re crazy about their special sauce, you can order a side to dip your fries in.

Wendy’s has a Grand Slam – a four-patty burger, also known as the beef cube – while Subway offers a pizza sub. While the sandwich graced their menu in years gone by, it’s since been replaced with healthier choices. Most Subways will still make it if you ask, though.

Taco Bell might carry the most versatile not-on-the-menu fixings of them all. They’ll make just about anything within reason, assuming they have the ingredients on hand. The WSJ noted that a tasty green sauce is available at most locations, as well.

A staple among secret menu items, though, would have to be the crumbs at Long John Silvers. Deep-fried, grease-loaded batter at its finest.

I’m sure this list is far from exhaustive. Many of you may have your own favorite secrets. If so, be nice and share. Clearly this could put a whole new spin on fast food.

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