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Although it’s going to be in the 90s around here this week, I thought we’d take a peek at a few of the hottest fashion trends for fall. Hint: none of these trends include a red meat dress. I’m just sayin…

Anywho, here are a few items that are included:

  • Scarves. And more scarves. You may remember that Kate was on top of this one long ago, as she instructed us on the ways to wear a scarf without looking like a dork. Thank you, Kate, for being on the cutting edge.
  • Leggings. (Why do I suddenly feel a flashback to the 80s?) According to those in the know (whoever they are), this is the year you’ll be able to pull off a pair of leggings for almost any occasion, whether you’re at the apple orchard or out on the town.
  • Poodle-style skirts. That’s right. the 1950s are making a comeback, too.
  • Textured jackets. Be it tweed, velvet, corduroy or  wool, textured jackets are ‘in’. Preferably in form-fitting/flattering styles.
  • Cardigans. Except this isn’t Mr. Roger’s cardigan. This is about bling, of course, so look for cardigans with unique buttons or trim in big bold colors. Wear ‘em short or long, pair ‘em with those leggings, just be sure you’re sporting a cardigan. Mr. Rogers would be proud, I’m sure.
  • Tuxedo jackets. I’m not sure who dreamed up this brainchild, and I’m thinking I don’t like this trend.
  • Gemstones. Whether they’re gracing your neck or ears or wrists or waist, gemstones are in. The bigger the better. Also think bulky jewelry of any type.  Apparently dainty isn’t a code word this fall.

So what do this season’s trends look like? Well some say like this:

And this:


Let’s just stick to the little list above, learn how to tie a scarf, and pair the leggings with a long tunic, not a short cardigan.

I say we leave the mohawk shoes on the runway.

What will you be wearing this season?


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