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Coffee Break with Liz and Kate » Headline, » read more and I thought it might be fun to wrap up 2009 by looking back at some of the most notable people and events of the past year – and, when necessary – add a few of our own. We begin this foray with the help of The Top 10 Everything of 2009 as determined by Time magazine. Choosing among the 50 lists offered, I’ll be dissecting the Top 10 Quotes, today.

While I found the list a bit predictable, and think with a little ingenuity the magazine could have done much better with this category, here are a couple that are worth a second look.

Remember the April earthquake in Italy that killed 300 people while thousands more were left homeless? Well, here’s what Italy’s Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, had to say:

“They should see it like a weekend of camping.” Talk about your words of comfort. Just guessing, but I have a feeling he was not among the newly homeless, don’t you?

Then there were Michael Jackson‘s words on his upcoming concert tour: “‘This is it’ really means this is it.” As we now know, truer words were never spoken…

While this one didn’t make the magazine’s cut, the words of Kate Moss certainly caused quite a stir when she declared one of her mottos to be “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

Some declared that her words would affect young girls, who might be at risk of becoming bulimic or anorexic in an effort to become more like Ms. Moss and weigh in at a skin-and-bones size 0.

All I can say is if she is that much of a role model and her words will truly impact that many people, the general public needs to pick their role models much more wisely.

That’s all for today – tune in tomorrow to see what Top 10 list Kate will be ripping apart!


Enjoy your Coffee Break!

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