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As we continue breaking down our favorites of this year’s top 10 lists, I am compelled to move us toward what may well be one of the most entertaining of the all – the Top 10 Oddball Stories. So let’s, uh, hop right in!

When Sweden burned bunnies for fuel this year, all the world was a tad taken aback. Let’s face it – it’s not every day when people gather up a few thousand bunnies for execution (as the Swedes do every year to counter the rapidly multiplying bunny population). But when the bunnies are burned as a fuel source, somehow that makes things worse.

While I am not casting a vote in favor or opposition of this practice, I find it odd that the same people that seem to scream “Save the planet” at typically deafening tones are the same ones having a problem with this ingenious idea which not only controls the furry hippity-hoppers but is also environmentally friendly. Think about it.

Moving right along, we have Rage Against the Musical Torture.

Seems that Rage Against the Machine and Nine Inch Nails got their panties in a wad when their music was allegedly used to interrogate prisoners at Club Gitmo. So much so, that they lead singers petitioned the government for information on exactly how the music had been used.

First, let me say that if your music is deemed a threat to terrorists, you should be thrilled that you are doing your part to keep America safe. See, I understand why they’d use some of your songs, quite frankly. Not a judgment – just truth.

Second, by making yourselves a victim, you are wasting a prime opportunity to market your music. But not my problem.

That said, I’ll lighten things up (at least a little) with the American Girl doll named after a fugitive. True story.

Apparently the fictional name given the doll (who was supposed to be a circa 1914 Jewish-Russian immigrant) wasn’t a fake name afterall. Rebecca Ruben, as it turns out, is an apparently armed-and-dangerous arsonist wanted by the FBI for a series of fires in Oregon. Ironically enough, the company named another doll with the same name as a homeless person from the Great Depression era months later. Clearly, the rhetorical question of “what’s in a name?” isn’t so rhetorical after all.

Go here to see the rest of the Top 10 Oddball Stories of 2009, and be sure to stay tuned for Kate’s Top 10 list pick tomorrow!

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