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It’s official kids – Liz and Kate are inviting you to join us on Facebook, the premiere social networking site… or something like that. We are, afterall, two coffee-drinking, social-lovin’ butterflies.

Seriously, we’ve been on there for a while, and we even have a few friends.

I guess we kinda laid low in the beginning, posting our rants and adventures every now and then, but we really weren’t involved, as it were. Something was missing…

During a conversation with Kate the other day, we realized what that missing link was – you! You guys are our support system! You guys are the ones that read the posts without prompts or an occasional bribe, if need be. You guys see the posts right here on the website – you’re regular readers who I am betting are also internet savvy to boot.

Which led me to think that you just might be on Facebook, too. So if you’re there, and we’re there… Well, let’s be friends! We’d really like it if you suggested others to “friend” us, too. As the old saying goes, birds of a feather…

So… go directly to Facebook or just look on our home page for the button to follow us on Facebook. It’s that simple!

While we will be linking to the stories on FB, we’ll also encourage additional input on the rants and adventures and wacked-out holidays, etc. (see today’s status for Liz and Kate to see what we mean) as well as adding random thoughts for input.

Anyway, Kate and I are convinced this could be one of our greatest ideas yet! We’ll continue to accept your comments and thoughts on Coffee Break, as always. (And if you stop leaving comments, Kate will cry, I will have to pick up the pieces, it won’t be pretty.)

We just want to take it to the next level.

Feel free to ask questions, suggest links, or call me crazy (I’ve been called worse, by the way). Heck, we may even throw a little free advice out there for anyone in need. Just be prepared to add a SarcMark after our remarks, should one be warranted.

At the risk of waxing sentimental, one of the main reasons Kate and I started Coffee Break was to connect with other like minds, to assure people that they’re never alone, and to provide all of you with a place you can come for a coffee break. The pots are brewing hot java 24 hours a day, here – and now you can get that cup of joe to go. Just be sure to come back.


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