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Just when I think I’ve seen it all, I have to confess I was wrong. Seems some professor has engineered (using the term loosely) a new human-powered car. That’s right, a crank-and-go vehicle that resembles a cross between something from the town of Bedrock and oh, I don’t know… a centipede.

Assuming you have four people in it, cranking away as needed, you should be able to avoid being rear-ended, reaching speeds as high as 60 mph (I wonder if you have to be going downhill?) And if you’re going uphill? Well, you’ll be lucky to get the speed to 30 mph. So even if it’s not Sunday, you too can be a Sunday driver every day of the week with this little gem.

If only one person is behind the wheel, though, expect to rely on the auxiliary electric battery power. Or maybe before this thing hits the market, the guy will wise up and cut holes in the floorboard for foot power…

Anywho, without further ado, here it is:

See those handles sticking up? Those are the cranks that move up and down in a rowing motion. Just pretend like you’re on a railroad track in a hand car. But I digress.

Before you panic about the open-air design, a roof will likely be available on commercial models when this baby rolls off the assembly line next year. Some models may even have a GPS. I say, why bother? As slow as you’ll be going, you’ll have plenty of time to look at a map.

Ah, but the maker claims to have reached two goals with the launch of this product. Not only is he saving the planet – no emissions – he’s also fighting that pesky obesity problem facing the world. Fork over $15,500 and you can join him.

I know you’re curious, asking if this guy has other product ideas floating around. Why yes he does! Here’s one – a two-person mobile power station that folds into a suitcase (it’s part of his 200-year business plan).

Well, I’m spent here. My head is hurting from all this return-to-the-dark-ages, uh, technology… So watch the video to see the Imagine PS at work.

And now you know…


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