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thesis for compare contrast essayEarlier this summer, a line-up of small, brown-black ants paid a visit to my kitchen counters, which really irritated me to no end. After all, ants have their place in the world – and that place is outside, thank you. Anywho, on my discovery, I grabbed the cinnamon – the same substance I’d used last year with  one-application results: sprinkle and forget. It was my equivalent of swatting a fly with a flyswatter. One direct hit and it’s gone.

Needless to say, I was quite confident that this one-stop treatment would once again work in a matter of two or three days, and I could get on with finding other reasons to stay out of the kitchen.  I was right – at least for about  three weeks. Not the first ant could be found anywhere.

Until about a week ago, when I came home to find what appeared to be even more ants than had initially invaded. So out came the cinnamon again. I followed it up with some store-bought traps, placing two of them in the corner of the counters. And since that time, the ants have appeared to have multiplied yet again, causing me to believe that said traps were actually little ant condos, and probably included an ant-size kitchen (in which to cook any food they’re stealing from me) and little ant-king-sized beds to pass out on when their bellies are full…

So I attacked what looks to be one of their entrances with more cinnamon, showing no mercy as I sprinkled it on the counter, only to wake up and see what I expect is the equivalent of two or three  armies of ants, marching through my kitchen. Yep, they’re even marching one by one, in a nice little line. What they don’t know is that I’m a warrior, too. And quite frankly, I should have known not to attempt reason with an enemy that can’t be reasoned with. It’s time to pull out the heavy artilliary – the big guns. I’m getting a can of Raid…


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