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By now, I’m sure most of you know that I start my day with Gordon Deal and The Wall Street Journal This Morning every weekday, and I’m not above admitting it. I’m sure you’ve also figured out I learned another little tidbit on today’s broadcast.

Seems like there’s a German entrepreneur who, years ago, came up with this grand idea for a rotel – a rolling hotel (true story). The idea came about as a way for those vacationers who aren’t fond of roughing it in the great outdoors to get back to nature without really having to, um,  get back to nature.

Here’s how it works. Choose a destination, which could include Africa, Asia, Europe – even the good ol’ U.S. of A. – and get ready for fun – assuming that’s how you define fun.

By day, you’ll take in the sights in the front of the rotel. By night, you’ll be snug as a bug in a rug  in the sleeping quarters at the back of the bus. And I do mean snug as a bug. Because it looks like that’s who’d be easily suited for enjoying these accommodations.

According to Jeremy Kressmann at Gadling, your sleeping quarters “are approximately six feet long, three feet wide and three feet high.” Nothing says coffin quite like a refrigerator-sized box on wheels. Just sayin’…  And each rotel can sleep 20-40 people. (Please refer back to the snug and bug reference). Here’s a picture of the rotel. Note the box windows in the back of the bus? That’s where you’ll be sleeping…

Heaven forbid the driver takes the roughest terrain at night, hitting rocks and trenches and everything in between. At least when you’re thrown out of bed, the ceiling a mere three feet above would stop you…

Anywho, here’s the good news: the rotel does have bathrooms. Now more bad news – no showers. I’d also like to  point out that this is one of the more modern rotels. Some of them resemble jacked-up semi-trucks.

Nevertheless, I don’t mean to bash a rotel vacation. In fact, I’m betting there are more than a few of you who’d jump at the chance to see the world in a rotel. And I say if this type of vacation floats your boat, go for it!

I can tell you this much. It’s certainly more affordable than traditional vacations. Granted, I didn’t spend hours on the site (it’s in German, after all), but from what I can tell, nothing is over 5,500 Euros. I think the vacation also includes air fare to the country of choice. I mean, good grief – air fare alone can trump those prices. (Although I can’t guarantee  you won’t make the flight in the baggage compartment of a 747…)

Take a look at some of the itineraries. On the main  page of their website you’ll see a map. Click on a continent, and you’ll see a list of destinations. Pick one to view a map and see some pictures of the vacation route. I checked out a couple of the US destinations, a couple in Africa and one in Italy. I think if I could get past the sleeping quarters and the smell of the other passengers after a week or so without a bath, I’d be tempted to try this. OK – probably not. But if you’d like a way to see the world and venture off to parts unknown, this could be a viable way to go.

If this is something that’s right up your alley, by all means, book a vacation on a rotel!! And please send us plenty of pictures. I’ll have to decline my invitation if there isn’t a Holiday Inn involved.


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