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How many times have I brought you a story of the nanny-staters, who are h-e-double-hockey-sticks bent on telling you what’s best for you? Frankly, I’ve lost count. But a few past posts do come to mind: There was the candy tax and the soft drink seizure. Oh, don’t forget the ban on toys in McDonald’s Happy Meal.

Today I bring you the attack on potatoes. Some of you may think I’m kidding. I never am – at least about this stuff. Apparently, others aren’t kidding either.

The health arm of the National Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Medicine have not only recommended that the USDA stop those who receive WIC (Women, Infant and Children Program) from buying spuds with federal greenbacks, they’re also pushing to limit the potatoes served in school lunch programs that are backed by the USDA. The thinking is, by limiting or banning potatoes, people will be forced (key word) to eat healthier foods. Seems some study showed the need for more “leafy greens and other vegetables”. (See the full story here). What it all boils down to is you people are eating too many tater tots for someone else’s liking. But there’s more (of course there is).

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the rising prince of I-want-to-rule-the-masses, is on a quest to ban sugary drinks from purchases made with food stamps. The ban would include tea, sports drinks, any beverage with sugar. He wants to end obesity, of course. (Why not send your kids out for a good game of kick the can or wiffle ball? That would be too easy, now, wouldn’t it?) Think it’ll stop there? Oh, no. This is just one in a line of several related moves designed to decide for people who are supposedly too stupid to decide what’s best for themselves. (May I remind you this is from the same city that’s already banned trans fats and the state that proposed a ban on salt.)

If that’s how you want to live, I feel really bad for you about now. As for me, I think I know a wise food decision when I see one. I’m betting you do, too. And I try to eat healthy for the most part. Do I enjoy a good cheeseburger? Only with fries. Do I love a thick, perfectly cooked rib-eye steak? Of course! With a steaming baked potato. Do I want some   stranger determining what I can or can not eat? Not on your life. I have a brain, am more than capable of thinking for myself, and plan to exercise that right to the fullest extent.

And that’s what it all boils down too, people. We are losing our rights, um… right and left.

Work with me on this one. If those elitist-I-know-what’s-best-for-you folks get their way, grocery receipts could soon be outlining not only what you bought, but how your choices rank, and how you need to improve those choices. Don’t believe me? Apparently, you haven’t seen the commercial with the mother and kids in the produce aisle. The kids get all excited as they pick the veggies. “I got a 94!” says one kid. “I got 100!” says another. Because every item in the store has been assigned a label as to its health value. So please don’t tell me you can’t believe the government is trying to control what you eat. First they nudge you. When that doesn’t work, they push you.

So what are your options? Get to the polls. When you stay home, you only serve to reinforce the belief that someone other than you is better qualified to make the decisions that concern you. Forget the false thinking that everyone else will be voting, so you don’t need to. Dismiss the stinkin’ thinkin’ that says your vote doesn’t count. It does.

We’re standing at a grave crossroads, here. This could  go down as the election that restored America or destroyed America. Without getting further into the political arena (because this isn’t a political blog) this is it, people. Time to decide if you think you’re smart enough to make the decisions that need to be made for you and your family, or if you’d rather have some power-hungry elected official, some government entity, or a blasted czar determine what’s best for you. Time to say “we will be free”… or not.

In a letter to James Madison in 1787, Thomas Jefferson wrote: “The people are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” I suspect he meant the liberty to eat a tater tot and drink a big fat Pepsi, too.


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