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I did my best to get into the spirit of Cupid, this year. So much so that I took Kate’s great fortune cookie gift and made some of my own for the kids and my parents. Even I must admit they turned out great, and, since yesterday was not only Valentine’s Day but also the Chinese New Year, I was able to bring the flavor, if you will, of both holidays together.

It seemed only natural to agree to Chinese when Mom and Dad extended the invitation for dinner. They’d even suggested a Mexican restaurant if we wanted to do that, but as I told Mom, it just didn’t seem right to have Mexican on the Chinese New Year.

Unfortunately for us, we’d failed to realize that Chinese restaurants tend to do things a bit differently on this day. Namely, they bring out many of their delicacies to replace standard fare. We first got a glimpse of what was in store when we got our soup. Instead of Egg Drop, Hot and Sour and Wonton Soups, we had Seaweed and Tofu and several other offerings.

Next up were the entrees, featuring Spicy Shredded Pig Ears, Stomach Stew and Steamed Sponges. Even the Fish in Pickled Pepper, some mussels and stewed duck couldn’t hold a candle to the chips and salsa with queso dip now dancing in my head. The only normal food offering was Sweet and Sour Chicken, which at least meant the kids didn’t go hungry.

Oddly enough, no one said a word when Colton hit the dessert bar a couple of times. And to tell the truth, those little Chinese donuts, rolled in sugar, would likely make up the bulk of dinner for all of us. Except that there weren’t any…

With nothing else to do, and nothing else to eat, I opened my fortune cookie, which declared I would soon experience a miracle. Clearly, the miracle was gonna be some other day.


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