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liz & kate in the kitchenFirst it was pig flu, the national emergency that’s gripped the nation in fear. Well, hold on to your toaster, folks – there’s a new national emergency, more sinister than the stupid pig flu ever thought about being.

What is this new emergency, you ask? An Eggo shortage.

That’s right. An Eggo shortage. (Is nothing sacred?)

To give you an idea of what a big deal this is, even the Twilight folks are in a panic, according to

There was even an exchange between lovers of the Twilight vampire movie series. Thinking about another kind of bite, Twitter fanpage editors comforted each other via the social media site.

User @cullenluv sent a message of support: “We’re outta Eggos here, too!! It’s a national tragedy!!”

User @KStew411, a page devoted to Twilight star Kristen Stewart, tweeted on Tuesday: “I am despondent. DESPONDENT. My 4 food groups are: tacos, skittles, pop, and eggos!”

Time to pull out my best imitation of Prissy from Gone With the Wind:

“Miss Scahlet! Miss Scahlet! Whatta we gonna DOOOO?!?!”

Well, tomorrow’s another day (fiddle-dee-dee). So, Prissy, we’re gonna scramble up some eggs, maybe make some French toast, pour some milk on a bowl of cereal. Worse-case scenario, we’ll pull out the ol’ waffle iron and a package of Bisquick and make our own (and believe it or not, I actually own a waffle iron).

Let the world panic if they must. I’ve got bigger problems. Namely trying to figure out who to coax into submitting a craft or three for this week’s Craftdown to Christmas. Clearly, I’ll have no time for Eggos.

liz pic-Liz

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