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liz and kate cup snow sceneIn case you dare have the audacity not to read this entire post, I’ll warn you now. First I’ll rant, then I’ll craft (and this gift is one that’s tied for my favorite gift of 2009). The other contender will be featured Friday, so stay tuned.

I guess my rant isn’t as much a rant as a longing. A longing for simpler times. If you read my rants, you likely have surmised that I love old music. It defines an age of innocence as it were. An age when there was nothing wrong with a little romance, knowing what you stood for and defying anyone to cross you. Yeah, I guess those are “the good ol’ days” for me. Sometimes I wonder if I was re-incarnated from World War II,

Case in point would be It’s a Marshmallow World – one of my new, old favorites from none other than Bing Crosby. Listen for yourself:

Now try to tell me you don’t have visions of grandeur? That Bing and Danny Kaye didn’t dance in your mind for a couple of seconds. That you didn’t see soldiers coming home from war, embracing their young brides. Or a family walking their farm to find the perfect tree, whose ornaments would be primarily homemade. Tell me you didn’t see a dining room full of friends and family – gifts and treats like Liz and Kate and all you wonderful readers make covering the floor of the living room, under the tree. (I wouldn’t doubt if if Louis’ pb and h was there at the dinner table!)

If you tell me these things, I will accuse you of having no pulse.

Then watch this (viewer warning – if you are easily offended, DO NOT WATCH):

I’ll take the marshmallow world, thank you – not because I’m a prude (ask anyone who knows me). But as I’m fond of saying, is nothing sacred?

I wonder about a lot of things these days. Not the least of which is where our children will be in 40 years. If they will remember when it was a marshmallow world – when snow snowed… Perhaps making sure they know is the greatest gift we can give them this Christmas.

OK – so off my soapbox, as promised, here is one of my favorite gifts for this Christmas season:

Pomegranate Vinegar

For every gift, you’ll need the following:IMG_0545[1]

  • one pomegranate
  • 2 cups white wine vinegar
  • a canning jar and lid
  • one 2-cup bottle for the gift

To make this, just pluck the seeds  out of the pomegranate until you have a cup of seeds. Put them in a sterilized canning jar, then stir and bruise (heck, I busted mine against the side of the jar). then add th e white wine vinegar. Seal and place in a sunny window for 7-10 days.  We have no sun, currently, so I put mine under a light 24/7. I think by doing this, they’re likely ready in five days, tops. but what do I know.

This is one of the simplest, and loveliest of gifts out there in my opinion. Who can resist homemade vinegar infused with pomegranate? Just look for a nice vinaigrette recipe to attach on the tag (I am not that far along yet – pomegranates are still processing in the canning jars), and you have a very thoughtful, not to mention, tasty gift that will keep on giving. Hope this inspires you.

See you Friday, when the craftdown to Christmas continues!

liz pic- Liz

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