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Well, just when you think you’ve heard everything, get a load of this. Iran has banned Valentine’s Day.

Yes, you read it right. What does this mean? No chocolates or cards, no flowers or gems. No cute little candy hearts that say “Cutie Pie” or “Real Love”. No nothing that could even remotely resemble anything having to do with Heart Day. Heaven forbid you wear a shirt with a heart on it. (I wonder if the color red will be banned, too??)

The reasons for this ban stem from the fact that this day of love has gained in popularity over the last few years.

Imagine that. People expressing their love and affection, store owners making bank because their business booms more than a beating heart – one day of the year where, at least until now, it’s been okay to say things like, “be still my beating heart.”


Anywho, here’s what the Iranian media had to say about it:

“Printing and producing any products related to Valentine’s Day, including posters, brochures, advertising cards, boxes with the symbols of hearts, half-hearts, red roses and any activities promoting this day are banned,” read the instruction.

But wait, it gets better, according to the announcement:

“Outlets that violate this will be legally dealt with,” it warned.

This from the country that stones people to death…

But never fear:

Some nationalists have suggested replacing Valentine’s Day with “Mehregan,” an Iranian festival celebrated since the pre-Islamic era. Mehr means friendship, affection or love.

So that’s what they’ve been reduced to – there’s a chance they may be able to say “Happy Mehregan,” at some point. How romantic… If I lived in Iran – and thank God I don’t – I sure wouldn’t say it with a dozen roses.


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