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Did you ever wonder if Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary actually had a garden? Was it just a line? Or did she truly have a garden, and if so, what did this garden look like?

Maybe it’s not important to you. But it’s important to me. Because for the second year in a row, I’m starting a garden.

I say “starting” because last year I didn’t end up with a garden – just several tomato plants. I have visions of grandeur, too, picturing my own version of a farmer’s market growing in my own back yard.

But in truth, the radishes were water-logged, the carrots never grew past the half-inch mark, and the green onions never, uh, turned green (much less grew…). (I did have herbs, though – lots and lots of herbs.)

I also had a couple of dear friends, Tim and Marsha, who insisted they were laughing with me and not at me, as they sent pictures and told stories of their 8-foot corn stalks, giant cabbage heads, okra, potatoes, beans and tomatoes and so on. Theirs were the perfect gardens (that’s right – they had more than one…) blooming with seemingly every fruit and vegetable known to man.

They plant by the moon’s phases, following the Farmer’s Almanac and the tried and true wisdom of their parents. Show-offs… :-)

Needless to say, they made it look easy. And while they passed their green thumb wisdom along, I was unable to translate knowledge into food – unless I wanted to live off of tomatoes.

It seemed like every time I talked to them last summer, Marsha was canning and Tim was harvesting more and more food. This year will be no exception. And in keeping with tradition, I will put in my calls to them, asking them to divulge the best tomato plants to purchase, the trick to growing radishes and the best way to grow asparagus. And they will patiently advise me as they always do – one of the many reasons I love these two people.

Hopefully, with a little perseverance on my part, I’ll have more success than I did last year, although I suspect I’m already running late on getting a few things in the ground. If so, I know Tim and Marsha have it covered. And if all fails, there’s always Sunday dinner at their house. :-)

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Enjoy your Coffee Break!

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