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Every year after Christmas, my mood really mellows. Once New Year’s Day is over, it tends to mellow more. This year, though, we have a double dose of melancholy in the family – especially where my daughter is concerned.

Her fiance deployed overseas yesterday for what will likely be a seven-month tour.  Adam, who is a fantastic young man, is actively fighting to protect the freedoms you and I enjoy each and every day.

There’s something very special about those men and women who sacrifice their daily lives – and sometimes, life itself – to fight for the United States of America. It’s a job that only about 1 percent of our nation takes on. And while I know this  tour will be difficult for my daughter, she’s the lucky one in many ways.

She’ll go back to college this spring, hang out with her friends, go out to eat when and where she wishes to. She’ll be able to come home on weekends – even sleep in if she chooses.  She’ll be free to do as she so desires for the most part.

Adam, meanwhile, will not share that luxury. He’ll be in a war zone, in harm’s way. Not by force, but by choice. Needless to say, I’m proud of him beyond words.

Please take the time to remember the men and women who fight so selflessly to defend our freedoms. And if you see someone out in uniform, thank them for their service.

God speed, Adam.


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