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famous essay writers quotes, I’d like to offer some retrospection as well as  food for thought, all brought about by a hockey goal in the second period of my son’s game, last night.

I think if you’re anything like me, you can probably peg your kids pretty well. We’ve studied them long enough to expect their next move and  anticipate their responses in various situations. So it came as no real surprise to find the puck on Colton’s end of the ice, him positioned to the left of the net. Just waiting. As if he knew.

As the puck left another player’s stick, it headed right for him, and he did exactly what he’d positioned himself to do. He scored. Tossed it in the net as if there were no other options. While the result couldn’t be guaranteed, the expectation  – the goal – was clear. Find the puck, score the goal.

As I sat at the scorer’s table, it occurred to me that what I’d witnessed brought tears to my eyes. At the time I wasn’t entirely sure why, though.

While my thoughts progressed, I thought about my daughter, who is much like Colton (well, some of the time). She wants to go into radiology. So I set up a job-shadowing day for her a couple of months ago. As fate would have it, the diagnostic center contacted her more than  a month later. There’d been a temporary summer opening, and it was hers for the taking.

Both children displayed the mastery of intention. Not because they were taught to, but because they connect with that inner voice. God, if you will. They are still tuned into the magic and miracles that occur all around us every day of our lives.

Meanwhile, their mother finds that mastery a tad elusive from time to time. Let’s face it. I’ve grown rather cynical.  It’s not that I don’t possess those same powers over my intentions – just that, somewhere along the way, I’ve lost some faith in my own abilities to define my world.

It’s an easy trap to fall into as adults. We worry about our bills and jobs and homes and futures, spending so much time worrying that we all-too-easily forget that we are empowered with enough of everything we need to shape our own realities. But sometimes it’s easier to wallow in worry and whine like a baby. (You know I’m right.)

To be fair, there are moments when the tests we face aren’t exactly easy to navigate. But for the most part, the lives we lead reflect what we intend. Speaking only for myself, I’d rather be scoring goals and landing jobs for no other reason than because I can, than floating in a sea of woe-is-me.

So tonight, I offer a challenge to myself and you. Maybe with a little resourcefulness and a dash or two of faith, we can re-connect with our true intentions. Even if the end score may not be guaranteed.


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