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By now, you’ve probably noticed the two new ads on our site. So I figured it was time to tell you a little more about our products and why we’re now salesmen, in addition to holding our day jobs as two zany women :-)

Let’s talk about the cookbook first,

In the Kitchen with Liz and KatePractically Painless Recipes!

I’m tellin’ ya – we cover it all: breakfast, lunch, dinner from appetizers to desserts. It’s my opinion that this cookbook will become a family favorite, because the recipes are so easy, and the variety is fantastic. These aren’t just any ol’ recipes, either. They’re the ones Kate and I use in our kitchens. And for me, that’s really saying something, because if someone asks me what I’m making for dinner, my first inclination is to answer with, “reservations.”

Nevertheless, shortly uploading all our recipes, I decided I would fix one of the dishes featured in the book. But apparently, once they’ve been uploaded to the publisher, they’re no longer accessible. Enter slight panic, because now I had to locate the piece of paper the recipe was on – assuming I hadn’t already thrown it away.

Within 24 hours, Kate was texting with the same dilemma. So needless to say, the cookbook’s arrival can come none too soon. We want our recipes now! And we want them all in one place, so the first – and often only – source we need to whip up a fabu meal is as close as our copy of Practically Painless Recipes. I highly suggest you order your copy today. And here’s even better news. While we originally expected the books to be shipped by December 1, we may be able to ship them by the end of October. Woohoo!

So let’s talk about coffee, now. Not just any coffee – we’re talking


which I believe is the finest coffee around. I met the roaster, Mark, at the local Farmer’s Market. Unfortunately, he was closing up for the day. But after talking to him for a few minutes, my curiosity was peaked. I wanted to taste the coffee. The next day, Colton and I made a trip to his roastery, located about 15 minutes from the city I live in. We spent a lot of time discussing why he does what he does. And it’s really quite simple. He wants to produce the best coffee he can. He’s not looking to go global with it, because that would take away from his business model, which includes his personal pledge to get the coffee to the customer as quickly as possible for ultimate freshness.

Mark sells to what I would consider specialty grocers, personally delivering fresh coffee to them each week, and of course, ships it to all who request it. He doesn’t advertise. Just roasts the best coffee he can and lets the java speak for itself. And I think that’s a real testament to his quality.

I purchased two bags of coffee that day – dark roast and decaf (whole bean) – and immediately tried the coffee for myself. Just so we’re clear, here, I used to be a fan of Dunkin and the Bucks of Star. I gotta tell ya, though. No more. Oh sure, it’ll do in a pinch. But once I tried CaffeMarco, I knew I’d found the best coffee around. You’d probably expect the dark roast to have a bitter bite to it. Not so. It’s all about the flavor, which is outstanding. Even when the coffee cools off, you still get nothing but rich, delicious flavor with every sip.

I shared some of the beans with my Dad and my neighbor, who concur that it’s the best coffee they’ve ever had.

While I realize this has been a rather lengthy coffee-and-cookbooks rant, Kate and I think it’s important you know that we made a decision long ago – if we were to offer products to our readers, we’d offer the best. And we believe that’s what you’ll find with CaffeMarco, and Practically Painless Recipes.

So what are you waiting for? Place your orders today! You know you want to :-)


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