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essay writing help toronto weatherJust when I think I’ve heard it all, it never fails. I hear something else. Something that defies all notions of decency, while bordering on unbelievable. Something that leaves you scratching your head, wondering where these people come from and how they’ve survived on planet earth as long as they have.

Enter today’s rant, somewhere in Massachusetts, where a man allegedly offered to swap his 3-month-old daughter for beer. Or maybe it was crack cocaine. Police can’t be entirely certain at this point.

Apparently, this dad of the year if you live on “Planet All the World’s an Idiot” had left his motel room/home with his girlfriend and daughter to visit the convenience store next door, where he approached the gas station’s maintenance man.

The report goes on to say that this “dad” even went so far as to place the baby in the back of the maintenance man’s truck as he made the offer: A baby for two 40s.

As one might imagine, the maintenance guy called police, who found the creep and baby hiding behind a trashcan. The baby was taken into custody by child welfare folks.

While police initially said that a 40 is a 40-ounce beer, they later added it’s also slang for crack cocaine. So they’re unsure which the dad was asking for. Was it beer? Was it cocaine?

Here’s my question: Do you really think it matters?


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