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It’s pretty easy to write optimistically from carb-laden bloat. Easy to imagine giving up something for Lent – especially pancakes. But yesterday was Fat Tuesday after all.

And while pancakes may seem an item I can give up for the next 40-some days, I must make a confession. I don’t like giving things up. Not by personal choice and not by force. But especially not by force.

So when it comes to Lent, I start with ideas of grandeur. I’ll give up meat on Friday. How hard can that be? I do it every year, declaring fish for dinner every Friday. But that’s a given for me. Enter the slacker.

To redeem myself, I’ve thought about things i could abstain from, but it doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, quite frankly. (And for those of you who might jump on the it’s-not-supposed-to-be-fun bandwagon, get off my back okay?)

I have, as a slacker, decided to ad something to my list of things to accomplish over the next six or so weeks. I’ll be drinking more tea because I really am not a big fan of water. And with this tea thing, I’m agreeing to at least 32 ounces a day.

For you who say to the slacker, “Say it aint’ so! Tea isn’t the same as water!” I beg to differ. and add that you may want to see <“>this article.

Is’nt that a sacrifice? Take it as you will. It’s the best I’ve got. And for a slacker, I think it’s not half bad.

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