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Like many of you, I’ve done my fair share of Winter Olympic Games watching over the past couple of weeks. While these games are far from perfection in many ways, there’s something about watching the various sports that inspires me to new heights.

Granted, I’ll never be a figure skater or curling champion. (Did any of you watch that sport? I kind of liked it – and my neighbors and I concluded it should be called the Swiffer sport.). But I think we could all come away with a few pointers. Like not giving up on your dreams, following your heart,etc.

Assuming, of course, that you could watch the Olympics without hearing the constant yapping of the commentators. Yeah, I realize the closing ceremonies were last night, but this is my rant.

I’m telling ya, between the commentators and “special assignment” reports, I’m not sure what drove me the craziest. I wanted to scream at them that I was quite capable of making up my own mind as to the quality of performances. I didn’t need the figure skating commentators telling me what mistake was going to cost a skater a few points, nor did I need them shrieking with joy when someone nailed a triple lutz/triple toe combo.

So commentators, please take note.

I also could have done without the logging segment or the weather segment. Especially the weather segment. When you pick the warmest venue ever for these (keyword) winter games, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t snow. And don’t even try to tell me it has something to do with “global warming.”

I don’t mind you telling me that Team USA 1’s bobsledding victory, led by driver Steve Holcomb, broke a 62-year drought. I do mind you telling me that the win is significant. I think I can figure that out on my own. (What a run that was, too – did you see it?)

My prime example of why we could use a little more competition and a lot less commentating came during Kim Yu-Na’s flawless performance on Thursday. Sometimes you just don’t need any words. If you saw the performance, and have a pulse, you know what I mean.

If you saw Steve Holcomb on the podium when the National Anthem was played, you know what I mean.

Perhaps instead of trying to out-do each other with witty or profound comments, you could have a different type of competition – one called see-who-can-say-the-least.

And in the spirit of the Olympics, dear commentators, go for the gold!


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