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After returning from our trip to Camp Shelby a couple of weeks ago, my car decided that since it is paid for, it can start bringing on the headaches.  (Isn’t it odd how that works?) And in keeping with the fact that we’re in the throws of winter, the heater fan quit working.

Obviously this wouldn’t be a problem in the middle of summer. Even if the A/C had gone out, I’d have been just as content to roll down the windows and let the fresh air in – not a practice I’m willing to implement in 20-degree weather.

You’d think the fact that it was miserably cold – especially when Colton and I headed out the door for school in the mornings – would have been enough. Worse though, was this little teaser game the fan played. It would run for about 20 seconds, slow down, speed up again and quit.

Sometimes going over a bump would jolt it into action, but I figured it probably wasn’t in the best interest of me or the car to play “hit the pot hole.” The best I could do was pray for sunny days and hope that Mr. Sun would provide enough heat in the enclosed space to at least take the chill out of the air.

Thankfully, my brother’s mechanic (Jason) at Vespa Lexington agreed to look at the car last weekend. He unplugged plugs and did whatever it is that mechanically gifted people do. After reconnecting, the fan appeared to be working once more.

For all of about 15 minutes.

Once again, the bloom was off of the rose, if you will. Actually the bloom was likely freezing. I know I was.

Luckily, Jason was a good sport about it all, told me what part to get, and agreed to make the repairs a couple of days ago. About three hours later, all appeared to be in tip-top shape.

But I’ll have to wait for another day to be sure it is fixed. Today was 60 and sunny. At least for today, heater fan working or not, I finally had some semblance of heat.


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