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liz and kate cup halloweenHe’d been fine when he left for school.
Then I got the email from Colton’s teacher yesterday: Please Pick Him UP.


Did he pull the fire alarm? (no, that would be my 25-year-old back in the day). Did he have a fever? (No apparently, he just wasn’t “himself”).

And 24 hours later, after being tested for pig flu, he appeared ready to go back to school… Until tonight.
When the fever hit 102.5 and any mother worth her weight knew something was wrong.

But what’s wrong? Well, I don’t know that. Tomorrow may tell. Meanwhile, I offer up the advice of popping the vitamin C if you’ve got it, and donning the surgical mask if you can find it.

And if anyone winds up sick, be prepared for the greatest concern, made perfectly clear by Mr. Sick:

“Can I still go trick or treat?”

liz pic-Liz

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