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prozac and adipex for weight loss a while back, when I told you about the candy tax fiasco? I warned you then and on other occasions that things were out of control – that the government thinks it knows better than you do – that some idiot politician in Washington (or a big bulk of them) hopes to tax, regulate and/or ban anything they deem “harmful.”

And if you thought I was over-reacting, check this out. Boston is now considering banning all sugary drinks in city-owned buildings in an effort to make the world more healthy. Apparently they’re convinced that even the mere existence of these drinks poses a danger to society, according to the story:

The presence of calorie-rich drinks has government agencies worried about the health of employees and visitors to government agencies.

Those poor government employees. Not smart enough to grab a bottle of water, apparently. Unable to resist the lure of the evil sodas, energy drinks and sugary fruit juices. Really? What’s next? Mandatory work-outs to improve the employees cardio-vascular health? Heads of lettuce to replace the ol’ Three Musketeers bar? Just who is the government to tell you what to eat or drink? Do they know better than you? I think not. The sad part, though, is that such moves are made in the name of the common good, and totally ignore the individual. They work on the presumption that you’re too stupid to make decisions about your own life, so they’ll do it for you.

Make no mistake. It’s not just about sugary drinks this week. It’s also about butter – the latest enemy of Michelle Obama, who met with the National Restaurant Association to tell them to get rid of butter and replace it with apples and carrots, urging them to “rethink the food you offer.”

You may even agree that a sugary drink ban or less cream/more apples is a good idea. If so, knock out the sugary drinks in your own home, buy fresh vegetables or order from an ever-expanding menu at many eateries, where, in addition to their typical clientele, they also cater to the diabetic or low-carb dieter. ! Want to cut down on butter? Cut down on butter. But stay out of my refrigerator, thank you. And as for you, government, you have no business trying to run the private sector.

In case you’re living in a cave, you know that there’s an election coming up in six weeks. I’d advise you to be aware of all candidates on the ballot  – from mayor and all the way up. Choose wisely and decide whether you’re as dumb as they’re making all of us out to be. I don’t think you are.


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