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owl purdue mla research paper introduction, well, well. Just when you think the coast is clear, out comes a new version of the Three Little Pigs. Is nothing sacred?

You remember the original story, I bet. Three pigs, three houses and a wolf. The wolf eats the pigs who didn’t have the wherewithall to built a decent house. Lesson learned? Don’t take shortcuts, don’t half-way do something, etc, etc, etc. At least that’s what I took away. Seriously, maybe that first little pig had it coming to him. Who builds a house out of straw? And don’t tell me he couldn’t find any other suitable material. One of the other pigs (the smarter one) used bricks for crying out loud.

But apparently, the old version and the lessons it bestowed are simply not acceptable.

Anyway, in the “revised” version, the wolf gets kicked out of his house because he hasn’t paid the rent for three months. And housing is in short supply. Things are tough all over in pigville, n’est pas? Clearly, the story is already headed downhill…

There’s still huffing and puffing and the destruction of the first two homes (but not for the reasons you think). As irony would have it, the first two houses were made from recycled material. While he’s huffing and puffing at the third house, (made from adobe) he keels over from a heart attack. As luck would have it, the pigs know CPR and revive the wolf, who tells the pigs he wasn’t trying to kill them – he was just testing the strength of their homes. Then, he tells them he’s a vegetarian.Seriously.

Meanwhile, the pigs, realizing they’re in no danger, cop an attitude and tell the wolf that he didn’t say “please” and that he shouldn’t have asked “so aggressively.”  Blah, blah, blah. And the four of them live happily ever after, chalking the whole ordeal up to miscommunication. Of course they do. I’m getting a headache…

This new version of the pigs/wolf saga is already being used in at least one Alabama school. How long the original – or revisionist version  – will last, though, is anyone’s guess.

According to Jonathon M. Seidl, from whom I learned of this new version of  The Three Little Pigs, the classic version of the  story has already been attacked (in 2008) for political incorrectness.  So a new version, called “The Three Little Cowboy Builders” was introduced. It was turned down by a British educational panel as well – deemed offensive to Muslims, Asians, and builders.

I feel compelled to remind you that I don’t make this stuff up, people. If you can stomach it, feel free to read the new version in it’s entirety here. Pick theme 2, lesson 8 and click on the book.

You’ve been warned.


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