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lizandkatecupSo it wasn’t a real boat, but “the” boat, as in we almost missed the boat.

Since Colton was old enough to walk, he’s carried a hockey stick. Watched hockey movies. Pretended he was a hockey player. My dilemma was two-fold: no ice rinks with hockey programs for toddlers, and no money for which to pay the astronomical ice rink dues even if such a program existed.

About six weeks ago that Colton brought home a flyer for a local inline hockey program. There was nothing to consider, nothing to talk about, nothing to second-guess. We’d sign him up for hockey.

It was affordable, as well, especially compared to ice hockey fees. Oh, sure, the fact that he’d never been on roller blades in his young life could’ve proven problematic. But it didn’t. He took to it as if he’d been born with the skates on his feet.

I guess the fact that there are no hockey stores within a 600-mile (maybe more) radius could’ve set us back too. Instead, places like Hockey Giant and Hockey Monkey became our best friends on the internet.

We even did a fairly impressive job of ordering correct sizes. The only thing I had to exchange were the elbow pads. With equipment in bag, we headed out to the first two outdoor practices in the freezing cold and blustery winds on the highest spot in the county.

We’d jumped through every hoop, dotting our i’s and tied the skates.

Then spring break hit. No practice for two weeks. In the week following, I waited for a call from the coach, thinking surely they’d have practice before their first game, whenever that would be. Nothing.

Yesterday, I decided it would behoove me to call the organization’s director to get any information I could.  This is where I point out the fact that persistence pays.

There had been practice – two nights earlier. In fact, Colton’s coach had been in town during spring break and held practices for all who could come. Everyone should have gotten an email.

Suffice it to say “everyone” did not.

I obtained the coach’s phone number immediately and called to extend the ol’ olive branch and explain the situation, mortified that of all the kids on that team, the one who in my humble opinion has the biggest heart for the game (at least for his age, ok?) had almost missed the boat.

Thank goodness I called the organizers today. The first game is tomorrow. Needless to say, I volunteered to help out with future emails and calls, and expressed my desire to be as involved in hockey as humanly possible for the sake of my child and his love for the game.

Thank goodness the coach didn’t fire us both on the spot, but was instead apologetic concerning the whole ordeal. It looks like we’re finally back on track, or the rink… whatever.

I’m gonna put this little episode behind me right now. We have bigger fish to fry and games to win. Let’s play hockey!

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