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My 22 year old son was about to cook some fried eggs and toast for breakfast the other day when he remembered an all-time favorite breakfast he used to eat at our neighbor’s house when he was a little kid. He didn’t know what it was called, but said it was a fried egg inside a hole in a slice of toast. Some quick googling and we discovered it’s called Egg in a Basket, Bird’s Nest, or Egg in a Hole.

We made them for the whole family and they were a huge hit.

Egg in a Basket


  • bread
  • eggs
  • butter
  • cooking spray

Cut a circle out of the center of a piece of bread. I used the lid from my garlic salt.

Spray the pan with cooking spray. Butter the bread and brown the first side, kind of like making a grilled cheese sandwich. Cook the cut-out piece of bread at the same time so you can have a "lid" for your basket.

Flip the bread over and crack the egg into the hole (basket). Let the egg cook until desired consistency. I covered the pan while the egg was cooking to help it cook more evenly.

Flip it over again if you want the egg to be over-easy.

Enjoy your Coffee Break!

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