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liz and kate cup halloweenIn case you haven’t noticed over the past few weeks, I LOVE Halloween.  Here’s the thing…I am the mom of 7 kids and I spend every day all day long being the grown-up, mature, responsible adult in the house. Halloween is the ONE day a year that I get to play dress up and be like a kid and pretend I’m someone else.

pirate 1

Kate as a pirate 2006

According to an article in Women’s World magazine, “Dressing up for Halloween is not just for the kids.  You can release tension by wearing a costume yourself.  Dressing up for Halloween  has been proven to help adults de-stress by letting them reveal other sides of themselves that are normally stifled.  What a great way to be a superhero or a vampire, for a day, without worrying about looking silly.”

So here is my challenge…be a kid for a day this year.  Let loose. Unwind.  De-stress.

Dress up for Halloween this year.  I Dare You!

Kate as a BYU football player 2007

Kate as a BYU football player 2007

Halloween is only days away, but there is plenty of time still to come up with a costume.  It can be elaborate, it can be simple. It can be store bought or homemade.  I’ve found a few websites with ideas for costumes for you and your kids.

Costume ideas for





Kate as a vampire 2008

Send Liz and Kate Pictures of yourself or your kids, or the boss you want to blackmail, dressed in a Halloween Costume.

Send to

The pics can be from this year or years past, it doesn’t matter.  We’ll run a special Halloween post on Halloween day with your pics.

Also, check out these other Liz and Kate Halloween Ideas:

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