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Kate’s Escapades – Candy Sleigh

We’re down to the wire here, Christmas lovers. The big event is only days away. Here’s a super cute 5-minute craft that makes a great treat you can give to your neighbors, or that your kids can give to their friends.  Or you can just make some to keep for yourselves.

Candy Sleigh


full size chocolate bar

mini candy bar with a picture of Santa on the front

assorted mini candies

paper to wrap the chocolate in

2 candy canes

glue gun


First,cut the paper to fit the candy bar. Then, wrap the bar with the paper and attach with hot glue.

Put a bead of glue on the back of the bottom of the Santa candy and attach to the wrapped chocolate bar.

Prop the Santa up by gluing a few candy "presents" right behind him.

Add the rest of the candy packages and allow to cool before moving on to the next step.

Apply hot glue to the candy cane. Make sure it looks like this or your runners will be upside down when you attach them to the sleigh.

Attach candy cane runner to the bottom of your sleigh.

Attach the other candy cane runner and allow to ool completely.

And voila...your super cute Candy Sleigh is complete. And please, for at least one day,try to resist the urge to take it apart and gobble it up!


Enjoy your coffee break!

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