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Kate’s Escapades – Woohoo!
It’s (Harry) Potter-time!

liz and kate cup blue

Harry Potter fans have been waiting for 2 long years AND 4 days for the release of the next Harry Potter movie installment…Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.  It opens at 12:01 July 15.  Some crazies in my neighborhood (and I use that term affectionately) my family and myself included, had a pre-pre Harry Potter premier party…because we just couldn’t wait one more night.

Here are some ideas for your own Potter Party.

potter girls

We made quick and easy wands from tree branches.  Just shave off the bark (or leave some on in a spiral) and then decoupage.   Great for casting spells.  Expelliarmus!!! (Which by the way, is a disarming spell which produces a jet of scarlet light, in case you didn’t already know that.)


We also made Snitch hair clips out of spray-painted (gold) wooden beads, feathers or white flower petals, and plain hair clips.

snitch clips

AND here are some fun and easy food ideas…

Rice Krispie wands and chocolate pretzel wands.

krispie wands

And of course, some Deliciously Disgusting  Eyeball (grape) Salad…

eyeball salad

2 lbs green grapes  2 lbs red grapes    8 oz cream cheese

16 oz sour cream   3/4 cup sugar   1 tsp vanilla

brown sugar    chopped pecans

(Mix the cream cheese, sour cream, sugar & vanilla.

Stir in grapes and sprinkle brown sugar and pecans on top)

For the main dish…some interesting hamburgers

potter burgers

And some tasty toppings…

potter burger condiments

potter burger condiments 2

potter burger condiments 3

Have a great Harry Potter Party!

kate pic~Kate

Enjoy your Coffee Break!

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