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Last Thursday, on the morning of New Year’s Eve, my nine year old son and  I were sitting at the kitchen table at about 9am discussing our plans for the day. It wasn’t going to be a terribly busy day, mostly just  typical daily housework like washing the dishes, sweeping the floors, a load or two of laundry, and making lots of yummy, fattening, unhealthy treats to eat during our New Year’s Eve sleep-over at grandma and grandpa’s house.

“So we’re not leaving the house today, right?” asked my son.

“Right. Just going to work around the house until it’s time to go to grandma and grandpa’s house,” was my reply.

“Then I’m not getting dressed today. It will just be  wasting my time if I get dressed and then just have to change back into my pajamas before we go to the sleep-over tonight.” he went on to explain.

He did have a point there. He was going to have to change out of the warm comfy jammies, put on pants and a shirt, and then change back into those jammies a mere half a day later. That did seem like a waste, and who was I to go against such reasoning. And then he challenged me to do the same. To wear my pajamas all day.  The logical part of me was thinking, ‘What?! I can’t do that. I can’t just wear my pajamas all day! I’m the mom!’, but at the same time the irresponsible part of me was thinking, ‘Why not? Is there really any reason I can’t wear my pajamas and slippers all day long?’ I didn’t want to get dressed then change again a few hours later either. And thus began my day of jammie wearing. Comfy, cozy, relaxing, warm jammie wearing.

Here’s what I learned that day.

  • I was relaxed all day long, which is good and bad. Good, because it feels great to be relaxed. Bad, because it’s really hard to feel motivated to get things done when you are so relaxed.
  • When you do finally get the energy to try to get something accomplished, the task seems to take twice as long to do as it normally would. Every single chore seemed to be moving in slow motion.
  • Slippers are not conducive to trudging through the snow to take out the trash out, to getting the newspaper from the end of the driveway, or to retrieving the mail from the mailbox.
  • You feel sleepy when you are wearing your pajamas. Even after a full night’s sleep the night before, every time I sat down for more than a few minutes, I felt like I could very easily doze off.

This got me to wondering if I was the only one who couldn’t seem to get anything done while I was wearing my pajamas. Apparently not. …

I found this great story on about the effect that  getting dressed and wearing shoes has on productivity.

Several years ago I worked for a direct sales cosmetics company. One main rule for that company was that you could not make a single phone call in the morning unless you were totally dressed, and I mean really dressed! All the way to dress shoes. The reason behind this duty was that you act different when you have clothes and shoes on. You are more professional. The customer can tell when you don’t feel good about the way you look. Even when you think you do. So if getting dressed makes that big of an impression on someone that can’t even see you, then what is going to happen to those that can see you. Mainly yourself. Putting shoes on your feet that lace up are better than slip-ons or sandals, because they are harder to take off. Instead of kicking your shoes off for a quick snooze on the couch, you actually have to go to a bit more trouble. Maybe in that short instant you will realize that there is something more that you can do. With shoes on those feet of yours, your mind says “OK”, it’s time to go to work. You have no excuse for not taking the trash out or putting that box of give-away stuff into the car. You are literally ready for anything. Believe me, when you get that call from school that your child needs you, or that dear friend calls up and says that she needs to talk “can we have lunch?” you are ready! Including shoes.

I also found this from author, Gretchen Rubin (The Happiness Project)

When I was in law school, my roommate told me about a study that showed that graduate students who put on their shoes each morning were markedly more efficient than those who padded around in their stocking feet…It’s absolutely true for me. I’m far more productive and energetic when I have my shoes on – and this is true even for getting writing done, when I’m sitting down.

So, dear readers, rest assured that at this very moment as I type this post, in an effort to reach my maximum productivity, I am wearing jeans and a sweater and lace-up tennis shoes. Heaven knows, I can use all the help I can get…


Enjoy your Coffee Break!

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