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I feel it is my moral, civic and whimsical duty to inform you that tomorrow is…

Silly Walk Friday

What is Silly Walk Friday???

The Ministry of Silly Walks” is a sketch from the Monty Python comedy troupe’s television show Monty Python’s Flying Circus, episode 14, which is entitled “Face the Press”. The episode first aired in 1970. A shortened version of the sketch was performed for Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl. This sketch involves John Cleese as a bowler hatted civil servant in a fictitious British government ministry responsible for developing Silly Walks through grants. Cleese, throughout the sketch, walks in a variety of silly ways (including one that briefly imitates the scissor gait of spastic diplegia), and it is these various silly walks, more than the dialogue, that has earned the sketch its popularity.” Wikipedia

So Silly Walk Friday is a tribute to this great and classic sketch by Mr. Cleese. Basically, just take a moment or two tomorrow to create a silly walk…and well, do it. Preferably in public, but if you can’t quite bring yourself to go that far, do it in the privacy of your own home. The results will be the same…you’ll feel whimsical and silly, which is a great way to feel on a Friday, don’t you think?

If you’re on FACEBOOK, there’s a page (right here) specifically for Silly Walk Friday. I’ll be attending, will you?

Take a look at the original Monty Python – Ministry of Silly Walks skit. It’ll give you some silly walk ideas.

And here’s a new Youtube version. Ministry of Silly Walks – Derry Style

And quite possibly my favorite version, set to “Walk It Out” – Ministry of Silly Walks.

I’ll be silly walking on Friday. Will you?

Enjoy your Coffee Break with Liz and Kate!


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