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I’ve just returned home from a wonderful two weeks at Liz’s house. We did plenty of playing around, but also squeezed in some concentrated effort on a cookbook we are making, In the Kitchen with Liz and Kate: Practically Painless Recipes. (FYI…We’ll be taking pre-orders within a week or two, and they will be available for Christmas.)

While there I couldn’t help but notice some quaint and quirky observations about the differences between my current state of Utah and my former state of KY.


  • I’ve noticed the famous KY rolling stop is still the accepted, and preferred, means of stopping at a stop sign.
  • When you are done drying off after a shower, you still feel completely damp.
  • In the battle between my hair and the humidity, the humidity is clearly the victor.

This is kind of what my hair looked like in KY…

  • There are so many nicknames for grandma and grandpa…mamaw, nanna, nan, papaw, popsa, pops are a few that I heard while there.
  • When I was a kid, some kook decided to build a castle just outside Versailles, Ky. I suppose because of the name of the town this guy had visions of royalty. The thing is, he never finished it. Upon my return I see that the unfinished castle on the way to Versailles is now a finished castle called CastlePost, a stately hotel for rich-type royalty wannabe’s.

  • Cold drinks really sweat here…a lot. I did learn a trick from Liz. Just sprinkle some salt on your drink napkin and your glass won’t stick.
  • Lightning bugs still exist…my kids have never seen one. I am seriously considering catching some in a jar and taking a pic for the kids.
  • You don’t have to put lotion on your hands every hour in KY.
  • The people here are so, so friendly and welcoming, especially in the smaller towns. I saw many a head nod and steering wheel wave while there.
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