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You’ve all seen the annoying commercials.  Either you love ‘em, or you think they’re the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever seen.   I’d venture to guess that many of you, whether you’ll admit or not,  secretly want one.  It’s the oh so cozy  blanket with sleeves: the snuggie.

I’ve secretly wanted one for years, but never had the guts to buy one for fear of being ridiculed by my fellow man.  This winter I’ve decided it’s high time I embrace my secret yearning for a snuggie. So here’s my proclamation to the world…


And not just any plain old snuggie, a zebra print one, thank you very much.  If I’m going to snuggie it up, I may as well do it in style, right?

So guess who else has succumbed to their hidden snuggie desire…

snuggie weezer 2essay on advantages of social media, that’s who!

Weezer’s lead singer Rivers Cuomo, may have summed up the strange Snuggie phenomenon best. “Snuggies are just this weird cool product that everyone seems to like,” he said. “They’re really popular and you can’t figure out why.”

Seems Weezer, best known for  The Sweater Song,  loves the snuggie so much, they have designed their own line, naming them Wuggies, and are selling them as a set with their latest CD, Raditude.

msnuggie weezer



Snuggie even had a fall fashion show with the latest in snuggie designs.  I’m being completely serious, here.  Would I snuggie fashion showjoke about a snuggie? The fall 2009/winter 2010 collection show “showcase’s the latest colors, fabrics and patterns and features the sexiest looks in blanket-wear, for not only adults, but kids and canines as well.” You read that right! Canines as well, can snuggie it up this season.

And if the Wuggie and the fashion show aren’t enough to convince you that it will soon be socially acceptable to own a snuggie, maybe this will…

snuggie oprahYep, that’s Oprah in a pink  snuggie. And beside her is Tyler Perry in the zebra print that I’m longing for.

Also the cast of the Today show (including Matt Lauer, who said he, “wouldn’t be caught dead in a Snuggie.”)

snuggie today show

If you want to give in to your secret snuggie yearning, here’s a link to the snuggie site:

Or you could make your own with this snuggie pattern and instructions.

Make your own snuggie

kate picSnuggie it up this coffee break!


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