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liz and kate cup asterisk patternIt’s been a calm few weeks between me and my mailman.  It’s almost as if he’s been trying to get back into my good graces, or possibly lull me into a false sense of trust and security.  You see, my mailman and I just don’t get along. We have a long history, the two of us…and let me tell you, none of it is good.  If you haven’t already had the chance to read My Mailman Hates Me Part 1 and My Mailman Hates Me Part 2, just click on those titles and it will fill you in on the background of this story.

Here’s the latest development in our long suffering and on going saga (Sounds like a potential book in the making…Kate and the Mailman).One day last week  around noon I had just walked out my front door and was headed to my car to make a quick trip to the store to pick up a few things. (The List.)  The mailman had just put my mail into my box, and was driving in front of my house to get to the neighbors mailbox.  Perhaps he could feel my eyes burning a hole into the side of his head, because he turned to look at me staring at him and he smiled, waved, and moved along his merry way.  I waved back and thought since we had just had a few incident-free weeks of mail delivery,  perhaps things between the two of us were becoming amicable, maybe even pleasant.

I did my shopping, came back home, and grabbed my mail on my way back into my house still thinking happy thoughts of butterflies and cupcakes and Taylor Swift.  (Inside joke here with reader Jesse…check out this Guest Rant post to get the reference.)  Anyway, as I was sifting through my stack of mail, underneath the bills I found a  notice from the post office telling me that I had a registered letter waiting at the post office for me to sign for.  The little box was marked that said it couldn’t be delivered because no one was home to sign for it!  EXCUSE ME? NO ONE HOME? The mailman WAVED at me seconds after he put this notice in my mailbox! He SMILED and waved and drove off.

I was fuming.  How could a mailman so completely disregard his mailman duties of actually delivering me my mail. I wanted to march right out  and tape a Coffee Break with Liz and Kate business card to the mailbox with a note about a story or two he might find interesting.  I also weighed the pros and cons of filing an official complaint with the post office.  I mean really, the mailman could really create havoc in my life if he accidentally misplaced a bill or two, or a kids birthday card from Grandma, and no one would ever be the wiser. Was that a risk I was willing to take?

I drove to the post office, notice in hand,  still uncertain of my course of action.  As I waited in line I decided I was just going to get my letter and leave it at that, but when I walked up to the counter the nice man helping me was the same man who helps me when I send off the prizes to all my giveaway winners.  He asked me how my day was going and that’s all it took.  I spilled the beans…told him the whole sordid tale of my mailman issues and ended with why I was there that day to sign for my letter.  I TATTLED on my mailman, and it felt good.  Then I tattled on him again to the postmaster.  He assured me he would take care of the matter.

So now I sit and wait to see what happens next, wondering if the war will escalate even more or if my duly scolded mailman will finally just do his job.  Only time will tell, I suppose.

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