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I was sitting in the car the other day outside the school, thumbing through a magazine while I waited for the kids to get out.  I always try to get to the school early so I can get a prime pick-up spot (parents, you know what I’m talking about here), which leaves me about 10 minutes to kill every afternoon. In an attempt to make good use of my time, I  browse through magazines to find cool tips and trends to pass on to you.

I came across a story called “Tap” your way to happiness. Well, I’m all for some extra happiness, and if all I have to do is some “tapping”, whatever that is, I’m game. The article promises that “About 80% of people who try it feel relief within just one minute,”says Peter Lambrou, Ph.D, and co-author of Instant Emotional Healing.

So, apparentlyTapping therapy – also called “emotional self-management” combines the benefits of acupressure with rhythmic tapping. It promises to lull the brain into a relaxed, trance-like state. Hmmm…I like relaxed, trance-like states. So I decided to give it a try while sitting in my car.

First, let me explain to you the rules of correct tapping.

Using the tips of your index and middle fingers, firmly  tap the specified spot 30 times, at the rate of one tap per second. As you tap, close your eyes and focus your thoughts and energy on a positive outcome. To get the full tapping benefits, do all five areas.


Here are the five spots to tap.

To feel full of energy -

On the back of your hand, find the indent between the bones of your pinkie and ring fingers – an area known as the “Gamut point” and tap as you say to yourself, “I feel energized and alert.”

Why it works: “The Gamut point is associated with the endocrine system; tapping it triggers the release of energy-inducing hormones like adrenaline,” says Lambrou. “And saying an affirmation as you’re tapping shuts down negative thought patterns, redirecting you to something more positive.”


To evaporate anxiety –

Gently tap the bony ridge below one eye socket, then the other, while repeating, “I am calm and content.”

Why it works: “This area corresponds to the stomach, which is where we physically experience most of our anxiety-related symptoms. You’ll feel your muscles relax, your mind calm down and you’ll get a sense of distance from your problems.”





To unlock trapped stress –

Firmly tap the area directly below your collarbone. in the indent beside the breastbone and repeat to yourself,”I feel completely relaxed.”

Why it works: “This spot connects directly to the hypothalamus, the brain’s emotional control center, which helps shut down the body’s fight-or-flight response.”


To soothe away anger and tension –

Tap the inside of your pinkie finger along the nail on the side closest to the ring finger, close your eyes and tell yourself, “I am releasing all my anger.”

Why it works: “In traditional Chinese medicine, this spot marks the beginning of the heart meridian, and stimulating it makes it easier to let go of frustration, anger and any toxic emotion.”


To send self-confidence soaring –

Tap in the upper inner corner of one eye socket, where your eyebrow meets the bridge of your nose, then on the other side. Repeat the phrase, “I can handle anything.”

Why it works: “These points are associated with the nervous system, so stimulating them helps you release negative emotions and move past everything from a minor slight to a major upset.”



My results:

Surprisingly, I would have to say that after tapping all five spots and repeating the positive phrases, I did indeed feel calm, focused and energized, even with a car full of noisy kids.  I can’t say if this was a result of the tapping, the positive thinking, or a combination of the two. Give it a try and let me know if it works for you. Leave me a comment below.


Enjoy your Coffee Break!

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