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In the chaos of everyday that we call life, we sometimes forget to slow down for a moment and just enjoy the beauty of the world around us and the company of those we love.

Last night, I decided to leave behind the routine of a typical Monday night and head up to the mountains with my husband and a couple of the kids for a few hours of relaxation. Why?  Just because we could. I highly recommend it.

It was easy to convince the kids to leave the "real world" behind once I assured them that the favorite Monday night t.v. shows were set to record on the DVR...Oh, and the promise of, "We'll do the homework later" didn't hurt either.

We invited some friends to come along for the adventure.

Our “friends” didn’t stay long at the sight of these ferocious hunters.

No trip up the canyon would be complete without a fire to cozy up around.

...and some s'mores.

Here's a tip for fast and easy s'mores. Just use chocolate covered graham cookies and some campfire roasted marshmallows.

Here's my proof that I was feet getting nice and toasty by the campfire, in my Sanuks.

Let's not forget to be safe and put out all campfires completely. Look closely here. This is my 10-year-old son's preferred method of fire safety. Yep, it's yellow, and nope, he doesn't know I ran this picture. Ten year old's can't sue their mothers, right?

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