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The big day is almost here! Four more days and I’ll be flying to Kentucky to visit my bff, Liz.  Something you Coffee Break readers may not realize is that Liz and I don’t live near each other.  I live in Utah, and Liz lives all the way over in Kentucky. That’s nearly 1500 miles apart.  In fact, in the last 27 years or so, we’ve only seen each other face-to-face for a total of a few hours. Are you as shocked by that as we are?  All I can say is thank goodness for emails…and cell phones…and texting…and websites, to keep us in touch with each other.

We’ve decided it’s high time we remedy that situation, so I will be spending the next two weeks having a big old extended sleep-over party at Liz’s house. So here is fair warning readers, for the next two weeks we have no idea what kind of craziness might ensue. But whatever nonsense we get ourselves into, you’ll be the first to know…we promise.

So over the last few days I’ve started looking through my clothes and picking out what outfits to pack for the trip. I will admit I’m not what you’d call a slave to fashion, but I do want to look cute/fashionable/stylish while I’m there. (On a side note here which you may find amusing, I recently went to see Avatar: The Last Airbender, and I was bored to tears. So bored in fact, that I spent the entire middle section of the movie daydreaming about which outfits to pack. True story.)

These days, I’m all about the accessories. I’m especially a fan of long, chunky, chain-y necklaces and big dangly hoop-y earrings. On my recent family vacation to CA., I discovered a clever packing tip for these necklaces and earrings. One that will help any traveler arrive at their destination without a ginormous tangled mess of jewelry.

The secret…

Zip Lock Baggies!

Who knew such a simple and inexpensive thing could make packing your jewelry so stress free? They are my new traveling best friends. So here it is readers…

How to pack jewelry

Here is a partial selection of the necklaces I'll be bringing on my trip. Just imagine what a tangled mess they would be if they were all thrown into one bag or pouch.

All you need to save the day is a box of snack size zip lock baggies and a box of quart sized zip lock baggies.

Just put each necklace into it's own individual snack sized baggie.

Then put the individual bagged necklaces together into a quart sized zip lock baggie and tangled mess.

Now for the earrings. Not as critical as the necklaces, but why not make your life easier with this simple packing tip?!?

Put your hoop earrings into pairs and clasp them to each other and then put into a snack sized zip lock baggie.

For other earrings that can't clasp to each other, just put them by pairs into a baggie. They won't be too hard to separate if you don't put too many in each bag.

Bag the earrings like so.

There you have it. Could it get any easier? I think not!

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