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I will be the first to admit that when a perfectly sane, logical, proper, and clear thinking woman becomes a mom, all previous rules and social mores practiced in the pre-child life, go flying out the window. (Kind of like what happens to those Happy Meal toys kids just love to dangle out the windows of the car. You know, when the mom is screaming, “Don’t hang that out the window.  You’re gonna drop it and it’s  gonna fly out the window! I am NOT turning around to pick it up if you drop it!” And then the kid always drops it, and then the mom almost always turns around and goes to get it anyway. Kind of like that.)

Moms do some crazy stuff.

Stuff that, in retrospect, we can’t believe we did. Stuff that non-moms would never understand, and certainly would never do themselves. Stuff we would only tell other moms who we think might do the same kind of stuff that we’ve done.

And let me tell you, over the years, I’ve been told A LOT of stuff!

Maybe it’s because I have the wearied look of a mom that’s been through it all. Maybe it’s because I have 7 kids, with the first 5 only being 5 years apart in age. Maybe it’s because I once walked in to church on Sunday with with my slippers still on my feet. Maybe it’s because I generally call two or three kids names before I stumble upon the right one.

Whatever the reason, people seem to like come to me for mom confessionals.

Case in point: a few days ago I found out that a young mom that I know recently made the 11 hour drive from Utah to CA. with her 3 small children, sans (that means without) husband. (Side note here, ever since I recently became Facebook friends with my high school French teacher, random French words keep popping into my mind. Étrange, n’est pas?)

So this young mom happens to have a four year old daughter and boy/girl twins that are barely two. Having traveled with a whole passel of small children myself, and having had a set of twins, a whole slew of questions came to mind when I talked with her, like…Are you insane, woman? …  How deep were the cracker crumbs on your car seats upon arrival?How many hours of kids songs can one woman sing without going bonkers? …and the real biggie question … How many times did you have to stop for potty breaks? and What did you do with the kids when YOU had to go to the bathroom?

Think about it. One adult woman, three small children, and one tiny rest stop bathroom stall! How is that even done?

Leave it to a desperate mom to think outside the box and come up with a crazy mom solution to a crazy mom problem. She took the 2 year old twins potty training seat in the van on the trip. Not for the twins…but for her and the four year old.

Yep, you read that right. She used the potty seat!

Nature would call, and she would pull over and use the little foot high potty seat in the back of the van. Ingenious, I say! Simply INGENIOUS! (Also impressive is the fact that she is agile enough to…well, you know.) I can’t believe I never thought of that myself. All those kids, all those trip, and the potty seat trick never even crossed my mind.

Do you have a mom (or dad) confession you’d like to leave for moi? Come on, I know you’ve done some crazy stuff, too! Please share, and if you prefer, you can remain anonymous. Just type in any old fake name.

I also found a sight called True Mom Confessions that you might find interesting.

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