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There’s something you should know about me.

It’s time for me to come clean.

I bought a new purse this past Saturday and as I was making the switch-over from old purse to new purse it became clear to me that I have a serious problem. I have an addiction to gum. In this old purse alone I found 5 packs. A quick rifle through my other purses revealed 6 more packs. Yep…that’s 11 packs of gum.

Now I ask you…does anyone really need 11 packs of gum? Probably not, but I can’t seem to help myself. I never go to the store with the sole intent of buying more gum, but as I wait in the check-out line I find myself helpless to resist the row after row of brightly colored gum packages just staring me in the face…

calling out my name…

beckoning me…

luring me in with the promise of a “New” flavor.

And the names…ah, the names. Last week I bought Orbit Mist Watermelon Spring and 5’s Zing “a sour to sweet bubble”.  How could I read those names and not yearn to “chew” the taste of a Watermelon Spring, or wonder what in the heck is the flavor of a Zing? I figured, who couldn’t use a “Zing” once in a while?

But after making the purse change-over, I realized my gum addiction was quite possibly getting out of hand, and I vowed to chew the packs I had before I bought any new gum. Later in the day, I realized I was out of milk and bread. I knew I was headed into dangerous territory as I entered the check out line in Wal Mart. I felt strong, though. I felt good. I knew I could resist my natural gum addiction urges.

It was then that I saw them.

Something I’ve never seen in a gum before.

Something completely new.

Something revolutionary.

Extra Dessert Delights

They may as well have had a neon light flashing over them. Are you kidding me? DESSERT in a GUM?  With no calories? Could it get any better than that?

And three flavors…

Mint Chocolate ChipStrawberry Shortcake Key Lime Pie

I bought them, all three packs. Who can blame me? I think some gum flavor designer over there at Extra headquarters made these new gums especially for me.

On the drive home I tried the Key Lime Pie. I’m not kidding when I tell you this gum tastes exactly like a slice of Key Lime Pie. How do they do that? An hour later I tried the Mint Chocolate Chip, which tastes surprisingly like the ice cream of the same name. I am not a fan of chocolate gum I’ve tried in the past, but this one is yummy. And right now as I type, I’m chewing the Strawberry Shortcake. It’s almost as good as dessert at grandma’s on Sunday.  Delish!

I may never have to have a calorie laden dessert again. Unless, of course, it’s the Cheesecake Factory’s Godiva Chocolate Brownie Sundae. Then all bets are off!

I think it’s high time I found a gum sponsor for Coffee Break. May as well get paid for my addiction, don’t you think? Extra…are you listening?

~ Kate

Enjoy your Coffee Break!

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