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I am away on vacation this week…woohoo!yeehaw! While I’m away I’ve left a few of my favorite summertime posts for you this week. Enjoy! ~Kate

Okay guys (and by guys, I don’t mean people in general, I actually mean guys, as in the gender laden with testosterone) this post is basically meant for you.  But if you fit within the estrogen half of the population, I think you might just want to read along for kicks.

Guys, do you believe in the vacation fairy?  You must, right?  What other explanation could there possibly be for magically getting from point A, where you pick your vacation destination, to point B, actually arriving at said destination with everything you need for an enjoyable, stress-free trip?

That’s all it takes, right?  Just pick a location, drive  there, and relax and have fun.  No worries, the Vacation Fairy will do the rest.

Here’s the typical scenario.

In March, wife says to husband: Where should we go on vacation this year?

Husband says to wife: How about a fun trip to California; maybe Disneyland, Universal Studios and the beach.

Wife and husband then proceed to pick a date for the middle of July (for argument’s sake, let’s pick July 16)

The morning of July 15 arrives (22 hours before departure) and husband says to wife: Wow! Vacation is tomorrow. That just snuck right up on me.   I guess we need to start packing and plan out our trip. And by “we” we all know he does not actually mean “we”, he means anyone but himself.  (Men, I freely admit that I’m generalizing here.  If you don’t fit within the 98 % of the male population to which I am speaking, feel free to quit reading and go get yourself a snack…maybe one of those DingDongs Liz is so fond of.)

All I have to say is, “Thank goodness for the Vacation Fairy.”  Who else would wash the mounds of laundry and neatly pack it up in suitcases without forgetting to add the swim suits, beach towels, sunscreen and flip flops?  Who else would make sure the papers are all cleared from the driveway and the junk mail is not over-flowing the mailbox in your absence?  And what about an itinerary for the trip, places to stay, sites to see and snacks for along the way?  And the pets…thank goodness the Vacation Fairy feeds and waters those pets, and lets them out to do their business while you’re away.

Jumping on the beach

(The whole fam plus 4 extras who tagged along on the vacation…well, except for me – someone has to shoot the pic.)

And when you return from your glorious, relaxing break from the humdrum routine of life, the best part of all is that your under-appreciated, and often un-noticed Vacation Fairy just waves her magic wand and all traces of  the trip just disappear. (You know – unpacking suitcases, washing dirty clothes, cleaning smashed cracker crumbs out of  the crevasses of the car…you get the gist here)

So guys, pardon me if my post is a bit shorter than usual today.  I’m going on vacation on Saturday.  I’ve got to go stretch out on my sofa, read a juicy novel, drink lemonade and eat some bon bons  while my Vacation Fairy gets us ready for the trip!

kate pic~Kate

Enjoy your Coffee Break!

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